Twin Beds For Girls: Inspirational Pictures And Creating A Canopy

The word twin beds connote the image of two beds, as in twins. In fact, the term twin beds is defined as “one of a pair of identical beds.” Twin beds, however, are more commonly labeled by size and not by quantity. Twin beds, also called single beds, are used primarily for children or in bedrooms with multiple occupants. The difference between twin beds for girls and twin beds for boys is only the bed themes. Girls’ twin beds usually have a feminine theme, such as; princess, Dora, hello kitty, floral, etc.  Moreover, girls’ twin beds usually have a canopy to emphasize the feminine side.

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Sometimes getting twin beds for girls with canopy are quite difficult, but you do not need to worry. You can make the canopy for your girls’ twin beds by yourself. While enjoying some inspirational pictures of girls’ twin beds we present to you, we’ll give you information of making canopy for girls’ twin beds. First thing you should do is prepare all the materials you need; hula hoop, craft knife, 2 sheer panels with rod pockets, fishing line, ribbon, silk flowers and hot glue.

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Step by Step Creating Canopy of Twin Beds for Girls

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  • Cut through a plastic hula hoop with a craft knife.
  • Feed the rod pocket for two sheer curtain panels onto the cut hula hoop. The curtains should be gathered around the top. Repair the cut in the hula hoop with a piece of duct tape, then arrange the curtains so they hide the duct tape. Arrange the curtains so they will sit around the head of the bed, decorating behind it and laying to either side.
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Twin Beds for Girls IdeaTwin Beds for Girls Idea
  • Thread a needle with fishing line and use it to make a big stitch from one side of the hula hoop to the other, and then another cross-wise stitch. You should have a X of fishing line across the center of the hula hoop for hanging. Tie a piece of ribbon to the center of the cross, making loop.
  • Hot glue silk flowers and ribbon around the top of the canopy to help hide the hula hoop.
  • Screw an S hook over the center of the head of the bed. Hang the canopy by looping the ribbon through the S hook.
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Well, canopy is only simple idea to make your twin beds for girls look girly. Of course, it is only optional. If your twin girls don’t like, you don’t need to put the canopy for their beds.