Turquoise Room Ideas: Color With Your Style

Turquoise is best described as the color of the ocean’s blue-green waters. Decorating a room with turquoise room ideas is simple with a few basic concepts of color theory. Color theory is defined in many different ways, but in design, it is used to find a combination of colors based on the color wheel.

Blue Turquoise Teal Chic Modern Living RoomBlue Turquoise Teal Chic Modern Living Room

By using the color wheel, you can find color harmony, or a pleasing arrangement of colors, and create a stylish room based on the turquoise color. Below are some color wheel related to turquoise room ideas.

Kitchen in Turquoise Paint ColorKitchen in Turquoise Paint Color

Turquoise Dining Room with Lovely Blue ChairsTurquoise Dining Room with Lovely Blue Chairs

Using Complementary Colors – Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. The complementary color of turquoise, or blue-green on the color wheel, is red-orange. Design a room using these two colors as your main colors. It can be used for accents such as throw pillows on a sofa or on a bed. Purchase turquoise and red-orange vases and group them together on a shelf. If you have a painting of the sea with turquoise waters, paint the wall where the painting will hang a light shade of red-orange to bring out the turquoise in the painting.

Turquoise Bedroom ChairTurquoise Bedroom Chair

Turquoise Bedroom Decorating IdeasTurquoise Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Using Analogous Colors – Analogous colors are any three colors on the color wheel that are beside one another. For the color turquoise, the three possible color combinations would be blue-green, blue and green; blue-green, green and yellow-green; or blue-green, blue and blue-violet. Other shades, tints or tones of these colors may also be used. Paint an entire dining room in turquoise and use blue chairs around a table with green cushions for a room vibrant in color. Position plants that are yellow-green in color in the living room or bedroom and use turquoise and green for the furniture and soft furnishings such as the sofa, a settee, a rug, throw pillows and bed sheets.

Turquoise Black and White Bedroom DecorTurquoise Black and White Bedroom Decor

Turquoise Room with Red FlowerTurquoise Room with Red Flower

Using Colors Based on Nature – Think of the colors that you see in nature when decorating a room. Turquoise is often seen in nature with colors such as brown, beige, white and many shades of blue and green. Paint turquoise and white stripes on a wall. Place a wood coffee table on a natural sisal rug in a room with a turquoise sofa and use accents reminiscent of the sea such as seashells, starfish and hurricanes filled with sand and a candle. Use turquoise-colored window coverings in a room with white or beige walls. Use turquoise tiles or different shades of turquoise tiles in a white bathroom. Cover a bed in turquoise sheets in a bedroom with white or beige walls and place a large palm plant in one of the room’s corners.

Trendy Colors for the Bathroom Blue and TurquoiseTrendy Colors for the Bathroom Blue and Turquoise

A room decorated in turquoise can be bold and striking, or muted and natural depending on accessories chosen and intensity of the colors. The colors of earth and sky, blue and brown are well-balanced together with turquoise color, and give a peaceful yet energized feel to a room. Take your turquoise room ideas in the direction most suited to your personal style and tastes.