The Upcoming Trends For Sofa Design 2017

Sofa Design 2017 – The sofa is one of the principal roles in the home interior furniture. It doesn’t matter what kind of house design you cling to, but the sofa is always there occupying the interior of your house, either in the living room or even bedroom. Therefore, the furniture manufacturer will always firstly update this furniture.

Beautiful Sofa Design

Beautiful Sofa Design 2017

Basically, the sofa design is never really evolved like the home electronic appliances or even the house design. However, which changes from the sofa design is usually the upholstery design that integrates textures, motives and colors. This part of the sofa is always explored and improved in order to get along with the human’s need.

It’s predicted that sofa design 2017 will be dominated by three-color palettes (Connoisseur, Glamour and New Old School). These tones are inspired by the new classic design that is characterized by the richness of colors and textures.

Mutation Series Sofa Design

2017 Mutation Series Sofa

The First palette, Connoisseur, is based on the neutral colors like off-white and green. This palette consists of violets, liquid pink, beige and silver. By integrating these tones, it will give the ambience of old-world elegance. Glamour palette is inspired by the Art Deco coloring style. It’s composed by Rio red, Monaco blue, tap shoe black, chinchilla, ethereal gray, moonmist, and Japser. New Old Schoole palette has the similarity with the Glamour, only it replaces the neutral colors of Glamour. New Old School consists of Ribbon red, bright white and Sodalite blue.

Onkel Purple Sofa DesignOnkel Sofa Design 2017

Unique Couch Newest Sofa DesignUnique Couch Newest Design

Types of Sofa Design 2017

Convertible Sofa Designs – Homeowners are falling in love with modern sofa designs that can be converted into different shapes. These sofas are versatile in nature and can be used as different furniture items. For instance, many sofas can be converted into beds with space for one or two to sleep. A popular category is that of sofas that can be converted into bunk beds with ladder and safety guards. There are other designs that can be folded into chairs to utilize space according to the needs.

Two Colors Folding Sofa DesignFolding Sofa Design

Variety of Geometrical Shapes – Shapes of it from the bygone eras don’t appeal the homeowners anymore. This is because of a huge variety of shapes in which the modern sofa sets are available. A modern square look with clean cuts adds elegance to one’s living space. There are other popular sofa designs that integrate rectangular, cubical and round units to their designs. Sofas with backrests in the shapes like rounded square and triangle are indeed the enchanting designs.

Bright Orange Sofa IdeasBright Orange Sofa Ideas

Creative Designs Ideas – Creativity is the key to the popularity that modern sofa designs experience these days. Carpet sofas, for example, are the fine furniture pieces if you wish to entail an antique look in the modern style. Sofas with animal themes too are the good options for those who wish to think out of the box. Another wonderful category is that of sofa designs that glow in the dark. Manufactured using materials like acrylic, these sofas are amazing additions to the living rooms.

Toad Sofa Design

Frog Design Sofa

Sectional Sofa Designs – A discussion about modern sofa should not end without making a mention about the very popular sectional sofa designs. These are extremely comfortable and provide a wonderful seating arrangement. Available in different sizes, these sofas can entertain the living rooms with different amounts of space available for installation. Going further, many of these sofa designs have storage sections that allow homeowners to store their beddings. Different colors, patterns and fabrics add to the delight of having these great furniture items.

Luxury Sofa TrendsLuxury Sofa Trends in 2017

Depending upon your budget and living room design requirements lots of designs and shades of leather are available in the market today. Make sure you do proper market research before making a final buying decision for sofa design 2017.