The Sparkling Trend For Bathroom Color Ideas 2017

Color plays important role in creating a comfortable room, including a bathroom. Color choices are not only about the color itself, but also the mood that can be created through the color options. Every year there will be different color trend for bathroom, now let’s see some bathroom color ideas that are going to be popular trend for this year.

White Bathroom Color Idea

White Bathroom Color Idea

Unpredictable, white is still always being the favorite color for bathroom since it brings a simplicity, cleanliness and beauty to the room. White is also appropriate for any bathroom size. However, it looks better for completing the small bathing space. White is neutral and can be combined with other elements.

Grey Bathroom Color Inspiration

Grey Bathroom Color Inspiration

Monochrome and minimalism appear to be the hottest issue for choosing bathroom color ideas in 2017. It can be seen that in second position of the most popular color choice for bathroom is grey. Beside white, grey is a good color to create a minimalist and elegant look.  Moreover, it also can display a clean room while promoting the contemporary or modern side of the room.

Dark Marble For Luxurious Bathroom Color

Dark Marble For Luxurious Bathroom Color 2017

If you want to build a luxury bathroom that displaying the class and wealth impression, colors that created from dark marble can be excellent choice. While presenting a luxurious feel, the colors also bring the classical essence between the modern stuff inside the bathroom. You can feel like you are in the royal bathroom then.

Brown Color Idea For Bathroom Design

Brown Color Idea For Bathroom Design 2017

If you want to have contemporary bathroom in 2017, you can try revealing it by applying the unusual color like brown.  With the proper and right lighting, brown will not create a cramped and boring bathroom; it merely creates a spiritual and calming bathing space.

Chic Bathroom In Black Color

Chic Bathroom 2017 In Black Color

The other monochrome and minimalist bathroom design can be built through applying black color. This color is the best color for designing a contemporary bathroom with a chic feel. The black color is suitable for young people who live in rush hour businesses.

Green Bathroom For Eco Friendly Idea

Green Bathroom For Eco Friendly Idea

Beside minimalist and luxury design, eco-friendly design comes to be the hottest issue in designing a bathroom. Relating to the thinner ozone layer and the unpredictable weather, more people realize that building an earth friendly home is a must. That’s why green color is also increasingly in demand as the best paint color for bathroom. Green can be alternative choice for some people who don’t want have too much modern effect in their bathroom. Green also gives an effect of nature, traditional, or fun and wacky.

In 2017 the basic key in choosing bathroom color ideas is by applying one type of paint only. As using multiple colors may risk over fancying the design and would pave way for confusion rather than comfort. Using one color type only can also help us to minimize the painting budget.