The Options For Dining Room Lighting

Dining room lighting should be both beautiful and functional. It will be nice if you can serve guests stylishly in the dining room by buying elegant light fixtures to eat by. Whether you want wall lighting fixtures to create a subtle glow on special occasions or hanging light fixtures for a fancier look, the following suggestions will help you find the perfect the best light fixtures options for your dining room.

Brick Dining Room with Recessed Wall LightingBrick Dining Room with Recessed Wall Lighting

Contemporary Dining Room LightingContemporary Dining Room Lighting

Types of Dining Room Lighting

First Choice: Pick hanging light fixtures for an elegant look

Dining Room Unique LightingDining Room Unique Lighting

You don’t have to choose a glass chandelier to give your dining room a formal appearance; many hanging light fixtures are much less fragile and can add a unique touch to the room. Look for pendants and chandeliers that feature crystals and chrome accents to make a statement or buy contemporary light fixtures with drum-shaped pendants and geometric patterns for a fresh, minimalist vibe. Hanging home light fixtures can save you space, too, especially if you choose styles with small pendants that you can hang close together. Make sure to mount these hanging home light fixtures directly over your dining room table so you and your guests can see your plates clearly.

Second Choice: Buy wall dining room lighting for a classic style

Dining Room Lighting Design Ideas Snow WhiteDining Room Lighting Design Ideas Snow White

Dining Room Lighting DesignDining Room Lighting Design

If you want to light your dining room in a traditional way, consider buying wall lighting fixtures. Often called wall sconces, these dining room light fixtures mount on the wall and can feature mini lamps with shades, glass-paneled lanterns and even tea lights or pillar candles. Consider the amount of light you would like before purchasing the dining room light fixtures. Wall sconces and fixtures that feature two or more lamps provide plenty of illumination, while styles with just one light or several candles give you a subtle glow. These popular dining room lights can extend more than 6 inches into your dining area, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough walking room around the table before mounting any wall sconces.

Third Choice: Choose ceiling light fixtures for simplicity

Dining Room Lighting TipsDining Room Lighting Tips

When you don’t want to fuss with chandeliers or sconces, ceiling light fixtures are your best choice. Look for dining room lights with frosted glass domes and wooden accents for a traditional look or contemporary light fixtures that feature clear glass and chrome for a modern design. Ceiling light fixtures look great in small dining rooms because they make the area seem larger than it is.

Modern Dining Lighting IdeasModern Dining Lighting Ideas

Unique Dining Room LightingUnique Dining Room Lighting

Use the dining room to experiment with different lighting options and intensities. Unlike a bedroom or living room, the dining room is typically used for shorter durations of time, which allows for more flexibility in design. Incorporate several dining room lighting options to allow for more control over the mood in the room.