The Basic Elements Of Mediterranean Kitchen Designs

If you are planning a kitchen overhaul or building a new one from the ground up, you should consider a Mediterranean design. This warm, vibrant kitchen style is inviting to chefs and guests alike. The whole family will be hanging out in your Mediterranean-style kitchen, not just for the food but for the ambiance. From the more rustic to the boldly dramatic you can customize appliances, colors, accents, and features to create a unique Old World look that’s just right for your personality. To create a perfect style of the kitchen, you need to know the basic elements of Mediterranean kitchen designs.

Luxury Italian Mediterranean KitchenLuxury Italian Mediterranean Kitchen

Colors – The colors for a Mediterranean kitchen come straight out of nature with choices such as sky blue, sea green, lavender, sunflower yellow, terracotta and brown. Cream and gold create a warm look for the walls in a Mediterranean kitchen. The walls should have the rich textured look of stone or stucco, which also gives the room an aged appearance. When selecting yellow for the walls, choose a muted color to serve as a backdrop for the colorful accessories in the room. The colors also contrast well with the darkly stained furnishings in the Mediterranean kitchen. Choose brighter colors such as blue or red for the trim and accent shades in the kitchen.

Mediteranian Mix and Match Kitchen DesignMediteranian Mix and Match Kitchen Design

Accessories – Ceramic pieces, flower patterns, copper and wrought iron accessorize the Mediterranean kitchen. Hang copper pots from a wrought iron rack to decorate the central work area in the kitchen. Tapestries and artwork that feature the Mediterranean countryside can decorate the walls in the room for an old and elegant look. Vineyards are a popular choice for the subject of Mediterranean artwork. Decorate the top of cabinets with grapevines and use terracotta planters to add accent colors to the room.

Mediterranean Design Theme KitchenMediterranean Design Theme Kitchen

Flooring – Stone or wood floors give Mediterranean kitchen designs a charming rustic appearance. Ceramic tile or unpolished marble is another choice for the kitchen floors. Woven area rugs can add some color to stone floors and protect them.

Mediterranean Kitchen Design Berloni AmericaMediterranean Kitchen Design Berloni America

Cabinets and Furniture – The furnishings in a Mediterranean home are dark, stately and elegant. Consider kitchen furniture with open shelves instead of built-in cabinetry for an old rustic look in the kitchen. The kitchen island serves as a workspace in the room and is an important element in the Mediterranean kitchen. Add seating to the kitchen island for a place to gather with family and friends.

Mediterranean Kitchen DesignsMediterranean Kitchen Designs

Accents – There are certain features in Mediterranean design that can really influence your look. Mosaic designs added to a tiled wall or table-top can really cause your kitchen to go the decorating distance. Add wooden blinds and shutters for a true seaside touch, or finish your windows with a light, airy fabric that captures the breeze. Copper details on drawers and cabinets are an authentic Old World touch. Wrought-iron fixtures also make lovely accents. A wooden serving table or island will add to the appeal of your Mediterranean kitchen.

Sweet Mediterranean Kitchen DesignSweet Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Mediterranean kitchen designs have a rustic simplicity that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere where family and friends can gather for good food and conversation. Kitchens decorated in this style incorporate elements from outside of the home into the room with wide-open windows and doors leading to courtyards and gardens.