Storage Options For Modern Living Room 2017 Design

It’s looking like 2017 is shaping up to be one the biggest ever years in the battle for living room technology.  Microsoft’s next gen console, the Xbox 720 / Xbox 8 will be new on the market. Sony’s next gen console, the PS4 will be new on the market. Added to the mix will be the all-new Apple HDTV, which you can be sure will have apps and an App Store to go with it. However, we won’t talk about these right now. Based on the fact, we can conclude that 2017 will be more modern than before, including the living room design. People will choose minimalist but functional design for their living room. They need a simple living room with a good storage. Below are some eye-catching storage options for modern living room 2017 design.

Living Room with Minimalist DecorationLiving Room 2017 with Minimalist Decoration

As the living room 2017 will focus on modern design, it means that you will need only a minimalist decorating style. You don’t need to put much furniture in your living room because the modern design comes with its simplicity.

Sharp Lines Storage Unit for Living RoomSharp Lines Storage Unit for Living Room 2017

Geometric Shapes Storage Unit for Living RoomGeometric Shapes Storage Unit for Living Room 2017

We always need practical storage units in our living rooms because there is a lot of stuff that need to be stored there, but how to keep on the clean look and the minimalist design of the modern style? You can play by geometric shapes in order to create a stylish and practical storage unit.

Simple Cubics Shelf on Living Room FloorSimple Cubics Shelf on Living Room 2017 Floor

Simple Cubics Shelf on Living Room WallSimple Cubics Shelf on Living Room 2017 Wall

Another nice way is to install some simple shelves; shelves look modern and fashionable and they are flexible to be set in a simple horizontal way or you can make some overlapping shapes. Cubism style looks perfect with minimalist furniture; if you like the cubism style you can apply your storage units in simple cubic shapes on that floor or beautifully hang them on the wall. In this case glossy lacquered finishes would be amazing; it will give the units an attractive shiny look and make them look like a modern peace of art.

Vertical Rectangular Unit for Living RoomVertical Rectangular Unit for Living Room 2017

Vertical Storage Units for Living RoomVertical Storage Units for Living Room 2017

You can also combine between shelves and many other structures like vertical rectangular units, cubic units and others. If you want your storage units to match well with the minimalist style, don’t use any handles, don’t add any details and keep on the clean and contemporary ambiance of the living room.

Living Room with Simple DesignLiving Room 2017 with Simple Design

A simple sofa with unique design, plain wall in black or white paint without much wall decoration and fabulous storage organization are some requirements of living room 2017. You should also remember that minimalist decorating style is based on sharp lines and geometric shapes; that’s why don’t forget  to keep on this simplicity in the storage units as well.