Slim Bathtub For Small Apartment

Slim bathtub is perfect to use in small apartment. We could still relax our body by bath inside the bath up; even we only have a small bathroom in our small apartment. There are a lot of great designs of bath up that we could choose to decorate our bathroom.

Slim bathtub

We could use slim bathtub with modern designs to make our small bathroom looks wider. The modern design is dominated with black and white color and also the use of bathroom’s furniture with sophisticated shape. The black and white color will give a clean looks toward our bathroom and also make our bathroom looks wider than the actual size.

Slim bathtub -Bathtubs design furniture

To make your bathroom more beautiful, you can add some paintings around the slim bathtub to add some artistic values into our bathroom. You can pick paintings with bright color to make it more attractive and beautiful. Or you could decorate your bathroom with plants to give some refreshing atmosphere towards your bathroom. You can also read about door less shower.

Slim bathtub - Inspiration comfortable bright bathroom remodel ideas

For the small bathroom, do not use the large sizes of furniture and also has too much details. It will only make your bathroom look smaller. You could find many kinds of slim bathtub on the local home furniture stores or you could also order it from the online stores.