Simple Bathroom Designs: Chic And Minimalist

Simple bathroom designs are the perfect design style for you who love simplicity. The style will combine a relaxation pleasure but in minimalist functional fixtures. You will not only get a comfortable refreshing place but also a chic and beautiful place.

Bathroom in Simple DesignBathroom in Simple Design

Space Planning for the Simple Bathroom Designs

The size and shape of each space often will suggest a particular style of bathroom decor. Simple bathroom design uses every working element such as the bathtub, the sink, the shower, and the fittings, weaving each together as part of an overall decorative and functional cohesive bathroom design meant to be understated and clean.

The attractive features of this bathroom design, its openness and light touch, result from such practical considerations as a generous bathtub, beautifully finished faucets, well-placed mirrors, and easy-to-clean finishes. In the simple bathroom, these few carefully planned elements create a design whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Simple Bathroom Design All WhiteSimple Bathroom Design All White

Separating the bathroom’s functional areas will allow more than one person to use the space at a time. Painting the wainscoting, moldings, and doorframes white will neatly integrate the room with its fixtures. Over-sink medicine cabinets can be recessed to flush with the walls.

Bring light into the simple bathroom with large windows if feasible or augment the natural light with overhead light fixtures, a lamp on the vanity for accent and plenty of task lighting in areas such as the shower or tub, over the vanity mirror, etc.

Fixtures for Simple Bathroom Designs

Fixtures in the simple bathroom should be humble and unadorned. For instance, instead of including a separate bathtub and shower, you might opt for an all-in-one unit lined with white, square ceramic tiles. A frameless shower door also conjures openness, which is ideal for smaller rooms.

Simple Bathroom Design with Refreshing IdeaSimple Bathroom Design with Refreshing Idea

However, simple doesn’t necessarily mean spare. Every function can be assigned its own area. Walls and doors can define distinct spaces for showering, bathing, grooming, and so on.

Separating functions into individual areas in this way is also a clever visual strategy that helps users. An enclosed shower and screened toilet not only leave the main room open and uncluttered, but also allow more than one person at a time to use the space.

The Color Schemes for Simple Bathroom Designs

To further enhance tranquility and a sense of harmony, enlist a monochromatic scheme, from tiles to fixtures to accessories like towels and window treatments.

There may be no combination more classic, or more pleasing, than blue and white in the bathroom. Blue is the color of sky and water, and a primary color long associated with peace and serenity.

Simple Bathroom DesignsSimple Bathroom Designs

Broad expanses of white make tighter spaces seem larger, while white trim defines architectural elements clearly against the walls. Bath towels in bright, clear lilac would complement the cool color palette.

The Materials for Simple Bathroom Designs

With surfaces in the simple bathroom design, humble and unadorned is key. These are some classic choices ideal for any simple bathroom scheme:

Wainscoting – Wood paneling on the lower part of a bathroom’s walls is traditional tongue-and-groove technique.

Simple Bathroom IdeasSimple Bathroom Ideas

Hexagonal Tiles – Multisided ceramic tiles, often white with black accents, were commonly used on bathroom floors around the turn of the last century.

Plaster – This durable, sound-absorbent wall material can be easily painted, stenciled, or wallpapered.

The Storage for Simple Bathroom Designs

A simple design relies heavily on order, so you’ll want to keep clutter at bay, and out of sight. Some good storage ideas for a simple bathroom include stashing supplies in an unobtrusive vanity or a sleek medicine cabinet that is built flush to the wall. This won’t interrupt the flow of space.

Simple Design Bathroom in Modern StyleSimple Design Bathroom in Modern Style

An across-the-tub caddy, which can extend to fit the width you need, conveniently holds soap, washcloths and more, and it’s a great item to have around if you’re a fan of long baths. You can use it to hold your favorite book while you soak.

The Accessories for Simple Bathroom Designs

A place for everything, and a few well-placed details, will make a, bathroom feel open and not austere. The clean finishes, the period details, and the profiles of the molding all work together to set the tone and elements of your decorative details.

Simple Design for Classic BathroomSimple Design for Classic Bathroom

For example, an antique-style extra-long bathtub with nickel feet would set the tone for a vintage touch. These details can extend to hexagonal floor tiles and black tile accents, a scheme common in bathrooms of the early twentieth century. Period reproduction faucets can add further detail. While extra-long towel bars add a contemporary touch to bring the simple design up to date.

Simple Modern Bathroom Decor Design IdeasSimple Modern Bathroom Decor Design Ideas

The uncomplicated simple bathroom designs easily integrate a subtle color scheme, plain bathroom fixtures, materials, and accents with style.