Shower Tile Decor Ideas

Bathroom should look modern and stylish according to its interior design theme with perfect shower tile decor ideas. There are many bathroom wall and floor tile ideas which are ready to choose complete your bathroom interior design ideas. The floor and wall in the shower space might be different in pattern and color since they are suitable to each other. Now, let’s choose them gently to make your bathroom stylish and cool.

 Shower tile

Shower Tile with Glass Tiles Idea

After ceramic becomes more popular among home designer and architect, glass becomes the best choice to cover the bathroom wall. Let’s take both ceramic and glass tiles for your bathroom interior design especially shower tile ideas. The ceramic in grey with rectangular brick style looks perfect on the shower floor.

 Shower tile patterns

This ceramic certainly looks simple but it is safety applied as bathroom floor since ceramic is anti slippery and easy to clean. For the wall decor ideas in the bathroom, glass tiles in brighter color looks modern as shower tile ideas. You can also read about carpet tiles design ideas.

 Shower tile ideas

Shower tile designs

Shower Tile with Marble

Marble has similar looks as ceramic. But it has special pattern on the surface to distinguish it from other tiles. Marble is available in various colors with white accent on the pattern as great wall shower tile ideas.