Romantic Living Room Furniture And Ideas

Romantic living room furniture and ideas may be elaborate or simple, but they need not be expensive. In fact, you can make small changes just for a romantic evening, and return everything to its usual place for family time or entertaining. While in place, these changes can help alter the atmosphere, giving you and the object of your affection subtle signals that may help you both begin to slip into a romantic mood.

While you’re enjoying inspiring pictures of romantic living room furniture, we will give you some ideas to create romance in your living room.

romantic living room sofa design

Romantic Living Room Sofa Design

Clean up and Stock up – Clean the space so that you aren’t distracted by clutter or dust, and stock the room for romance by collecting a variety of items to enhance intimacy, such as candles, a lap blanket for snuggling and a selection of romantic movies or a favourite television program you bond over. Keep a bottle of wine, a pair of glasses and a box of chocolates on hand. Wine may help you to relax while chocolate may help stimulate the production of serotonin, a brain chemical that triggers feelings of happiness.

romantic living room design idea

Romantic Living Room Design Idea

Clear out – What isn’t in your romantic space may be as important as what is. Make the area a stress-free zone by turning off cell phones and laptops — or ban them altogether. If you have children, require them to clear out all their toys by bedtime, freeing the area for adult time, or declare the living room an adult space, and assign an alternate area for their toys and playtime.

romantic furniture design for living room

Romantic Furniture Design for Living Room

Move It Around – Rearrange your furnishings to create a small, intimate space, especially if you have a very large or formal living room. If your space if set up to entertain, filled with numerous seating options or wide couches, choose the most comfortable piece or one made for two. Slide the couch close to the television or to a table laid out with your romantic accessories. If your significant other prefers recliner seating, get a double recliner where you can sit side by side.

pink loveseat sofa for living room

Pink Loveseat Sofa for Living Room

Dress It up – To transform your couch — or even a spot on the floor — into a romantic nest, purchase a special cover or cover the couch in a soft, luxurious blanket and an array of pillows. Close the curtains to shut out the world, or open them to reveal the moon and stars. Turn off your television to cut down on noise, and focus on each other, or watch a special movie to share a new experience.

pink living room color decoration

Pink Living Room Color Decoration

Spice It up – Introduce a romantic mood by appealing to the senses. Lower the lighting to encourage relaxation and intimacy. Perfume the air with fragrance or fresh flowers. Anecdotal evidence purports that the aroma of almonds enhances passion in women while a study by The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that scents such as lavender and pumpkin pie increase male arousal.

luxurious living room in elegant pink

Luxurious Living Room in Elegant Pink

Creating a romantic living room is not all about pleasing your girlfriend or boyfriend, this space as an extension of yourself so you can enjoy it and feel relaxed every time you step into your humble abode. Pick up your favorite flowers and keep them in a vase on the coffee table to add some color, and light an array of candles. The scent of a candle not only makes your house warm and inviting, but adds soothing scents like lemon, jasmine, floral, and spice. After you light your candles, dim the lights, turn off the TV, close the cabinets, put your cell phone away, turn the music on at a low volume, and kick your feet up. If you and your partner don’t have time to escape, this romantic living room furniture and ideas set up will give you a chance to get in tune with one another after the kiddos are in bed.