Romantic Bedroom Ideas Fire Your Love

Having a romantic bedroom is not only for celebrating Valentine’s Day, it is merely suggested to always have romantic bedroom in order to enhance the couple’s romance. Whether you want romantic bedroom ideas or a sexy bedroom, these ideas will be sure to fire your love.

Flowers In Romantic Bedroom IdeasFlowers in Romantic Bedroom Ideas

The Bed – The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom, and of course where you’ll end up, so take the time to make the bedroom sexy by dressing the bed. Consider splurging on high-thread-count sheets to create a feeling of luxury and over-the-top comfort. Egyptian cotton is usually the material of choice, and anything with a 1000 count or higher will definitely add lots of luxury in creating a bedroom with romance. A thick, fluffy down comforter with a soft cotton or satin duvet cover completes a sexy bedroom, making the bed extremely inviting, like one found at a high-end hotel. Bedding colors like crisp white, burgundy reds, and chocolate browns create a romantic bedroom that’s both beautiful and inviting. Finish off the bed with some rose petals or flowers to create a romantic bedroom for Valentine’s Day. Natural petals are beautiful, give off a light and sexy scent, and can be bought in bags from a local florist. Deep red is traditional for love, and these look great against light-colored bedding. If your bedding is a darker color, consider pink or white petals. Yellow, orange, and even purple petals are available; go with what looks best or a favorite color of your partner. Petals can be scattered at random across the bed, they can trail off the bed and make a path leading into the bedroom, or you can shape them into a heart. Be aware that darker petals can stain bedding if rubbed against it, so either removes the petals before getting into bed or consider synthetic ones.

Love Red Bedroom DesignLove Red Bedroom Design

The Accessories – It’s easy to let your bedroom become a collection of design styles, forgotten objects, and clutter, so to make your bedroom romantic for Valentine’s Day, clear out most items for a clean look. As you decorate your bedroom, put away any dirty laundry, extra items lying around, and anything that doesn’t belong in a bedroom. Give the room a good cleaning, since dust and dirt don’t belong in a bedroom with romance. Remove any pictures of kids, pets, or friends, to make a sexy bedroom that’s all about the two of you. If you don’t have pictures of just the two of you in the bedroom, print some out and frame them, or take them from other rooms in the house. Pictures that capture special events the two of you shared like your wedding, anniversary, special vacation, or other romantic times will help spark romance and keep the focus on your relationship and nothing else. Clear off surfaces on dressers and nightstands of extra knick-knacks and clutter. Set up an ice bucket and fancy glasses to share a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne. Extra rose petals scattered across the room’s surfaces also create a romantic bedroom. Buy your partner’s favorite chocolates or make some, and display them in a beautiful dish made of glass, crystal, or china. If you share a love of poetry, consider placing a favorite book of poetry or a poem by the bed to read to your lover to set the mood. If you’re creative, write your own poem or love note on beautiful stationary to give as a gift or to read aloud to create romance.

Modern And Romantic BedroomModern and Romantic Bedroom

The Atmosphere – The final step of  romantic bedroom ideas is to make sure you create the right atmosphere. Overhead lighting is harsh, so use bedside lamps with low-wattage bulbs as you enter the room. This creates enough light so your partner can see your efforts in creating a bedroom with romance while setting the mood. The best lighting for romance, however, is of course, candles. They create a flattering light and a sexy mood, and they’re a must in any romantic bedroom for Valentine’s Day. Consider larger pillar candles which are sturdier and burn longer than tapers, votive, and tea lights. Choose colors that match the bedding and decor, and get scented candles if your significant other has a favorite scent. Light scents like vanilla and sandalwood work well in creating a romantic bedroom, but any scent your partner likes is the best one. If your partner suffers from allergies, get unscented candles so that the mood isn’t dampened by an allergy attack. Place them in glass, crystal, or shiny metal holders, or on top of mirrors. These surfaces will reflect the light and create a soft, warm glow. Music is another great way to set the mood for a sexy bedroom. Create a custom playlist for your MP3 player or to burn to a CD, and play it on a low volume on repeat. Consider songs that are special to your relationship or that are favorites of your partner. Try to steer clear of intense tempo changes, which can kill the mood. Stick with music like ballads that share common beats and styles. Tools like Pandora or Genius on iTunes suggest songs based on a song that you like. This is a helpful tool to create a playlist that creates a romantic mood based on your musical tastes. In lieu of scented candles, linen sprays impart an inviting, light scent on your bedding that can help to set a romantic mood for your bedroom. Or, if your partner has a favorite cologne or perfume, you can spray some of that on your bedding. Just make sure you spray with a light hand-too much scent can kill the mood instead of create it.

Neutral Bedroom With Romantic DesignNeutral Bedroom with Romantic Design

The essential things of romantic bedroom ideas are you must pay attention to creating a space that’s warm, inviting, and sexy. Adding sights, sounds, scents, and tastes that you and your partner find romantic will give you both a fantastic Valentine’s Day in your every day’s life.