Preparation For Selecting Wall Paint Designs

You can give a room a quick makeover by simply painting it. There are many painting tools and techniques available today that can add texture and interest to your walls without much time or expense. You can use them to create attractive designs in your home even if you do not have much painting experience. However, before you select one of your favorite wall paint designs, you should prepare these following things:

Colorful Square Design for Wall PaintingColorful Square Design for Wall Painting

Painting Materials – The basic materials for painting are a paint tray, rollers, brushes, drop cloths and tape. Be sure to get the blue painter’s tape rather than masking tape, as the latter will not come off your walls easily. You can also purchase natural sea sponges, rags and special brushes designed for specific decorative painting techniques. A large bucket or two will also be useful if you need to store extra paint or water for rinsing painting materials. Tape the drop cloths to the base trim that runs around the bottom edge of your walls. If there is no trim, you can tape the drop cloths to the point where the wall and the floor meet. Also, tape any trim at the top of the wall.

Modular Wave Wall Paint DesignModular Wave Wall Paint Design

Simple Wall Painting Designs with Spyro GraphsSimple Wall Painting Designs with Spyro Graphs

Choosing Colors and Textures – To choose your colors, look at the colors of your furniture, wallpaper, appliances and decorations. If you like, you can take a fabric, carpet, wallpaper or tile sample or other object to your local paint or hardware store to have them match the color. Or, if you prefer, pick up some paint color sample strips to take home. If you plan to use two or more colors on your walls to create texture, choose colors that are complementary to one another. Flat, eggshell, pearl or satin paint tends to look best on interior wall paint designs. Enamel paints are typically used for trim. You will have a much easier time if you choose latex paints, since they can be washed off of painting utensils with water. Washable paints are advisable if you have children or pets that tend to leave stains on the walls.

Wall Flower Painting DesignWall Flower Painting Design

Wall Painting Designs for Living RoomWall Painting Designs for Living Room

Painting Techniques – You can create a simple and quick painting design for your room by rolling a bold or dark color on your walls. However, if your walls have lots of imperfections or if you just want to use a creative design, you can use a variety of techniques to make your walls look more interesting. Keep in mind that most decorative painting techniques require that you apply a base coat of paint and let it dry before you begin. To create a dimensional texture on your walls, crinkle tissue paper and place it over each section of the wall as you paint it. To use a sponge painting technique, mix 1 part paint with 4 parts glaze and use a sponge to dab it gently over your base coat. Another paint technique is called dragging. To use this technique, you apply paint mixed with glaze on the wall, and then pull a dragging brush or cloth across the paint to create a streaking pattern. You can also use techniques, such as color washing or rubbing, to create texture on a wall by dabbing and blending the paint with a rag or brush. You can also use a flogging technique to create a wood-grain pattern on a wall.  When getting started with painting techniques, get a good book with step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures and start with the beginner techniques. Slowly move on to use the more difficult techniques when you master the simple ones.

Wall Painting with Game DesignWall Painting with Game Design

Any wall paint designs you choose will be nothing if you do not prepare everything well. That’s why before starting your wall painting project, complete yourself with much information related about paint idea and designs.