Popular Colors For Living Room 2017

Popular colors for living room 2017 must reveal the living room’s beauty that is more dynamic, edgy, and simple. Several colors below are favorite picks.

White Living Room Color with Swirl Floral Wall DecalWhite Living Room 2017

Black and White – This traditional scheme will be wonderful pairs with other edgy color like golden rich or navy. It gives clear and clean look as well as minimalist touch.

Blue Gray – This makes one of the best alternatives for ceiling colors. However, highlighting some of your walls with this color will create super edgy and ultra-modern look.

Subtle Yellow – This bright color also gives welcoming and friendly atmosphere while giving the sense of spacious room. Combine with bolder and deeper modern color for accent.

Best Interior Paint for Living RoomBest Interior Paint for Living Room 2017

Deep Gray – This is a perfect choice for walls. However, this color is dark so we need to provide enough windows and good lighting to avoid gloomy and sleepy atmosphere.

Luscious Navy – This color gives fun and attractive touch to a room. Do not use it as the dominant color. Otherwise, use it as accent on small part of your walls.

Gallery of Popular Colors for Living Room 2017

Here you can see the ideas of popular colors for living room 2017:

Green Eclectic Elegance Living Room ColorGreen Eclectic Elegance Living Room

Eclectic Elegance – The color palette in this living room includes shades of turquoise, jade green and yellow-green for a cohesive and sophisticated look. Rate My Space user merskine unifies her eclectic mix of furniture from Craigslist by painting the wood pieces a bright white and using an analogous color palette.

Traditional Neutrals Brown Living RoomTraditional Neutrals

Traditional Neutrals – Neutral colors are the perfect background for a living room. Add accessories in muted shades or bright hues to achieve different looks. Designer Kenneth Brown pairs several shades of brown and tan with muted shades of red and green to create a calming but interesting atmosphere.

Breezy Contemporary Living RoomBreezy Contemporary

Breezy Contemporary – Cool blue draperies and cream walls contrast well with the dark brown floors to create a relaxing, contemporary living area. RMSer mdcandela adds interest to the subtle color palette by choosing fabrics like the brown zebra print and adding a soft cream area rug.

Deep Hues Living RoomDeep Hues

Deep Hues – Design a living room that makes a statement with rich, saturated shades, like the dark gray and purple of this space. To keep the space from looking too dark, designer Kenneth Brown uses cream furnishings and two-toned draperies.

Poppy on Repeat Living Room Color Trend

Poppy on Repeat

Poppy on Repeat – Wallpaper is back, and we love all the fun colors and designs you can add to a room with its repetitious patterns. Designer Stacy Garcia created this chic poppy design as the perfect backdrop for any contemporary living space. The bold teal pattern allows the furnishings to remain modest while it takes center stage. Do you fear a permanent wallpaper solution? Try something temporary and easy to remove to adapt to your ever-changing tastes.

Awesome Living Room Colors Trend

Awesome Living Room Colors Trend

Combining the colors on your walls and ceilings will be a good idea to add the beauty of popular colors for living room 2017. Be brave and give accent with furniture and linens.