Personalize Baby Room Design For Neutral Genders

If you’ve decided to wait on finding out your baby’s gender, plan a baby room design for neutral genders is the best ideas. That will be welcoming to a boy or a girl, and then personalize it for your baby after birth. Start by picking a theme and color palette, and choose furniture with the future in mind. Give yourself time to think through what you need and want in your nursery. Your second trimester is a nice time to gather inspirational images and begin planning.

Baby Room Design Neutral GendersBaby Room Design Neutral Genders

Steps for Personalizing Baby Room Design for Neutral Genders

First Step: Choose a Theme

Baby Room Themes Gender NeutralBaby Room Themes Gender Neutral

Choosing a theme gives a nursery a cohesive look and simplifies choosing furnishings and accessories. A theme can be based on colors, patterns, or topics. Animals, sea life and the alphabet are all popular choices that work equally well for a boy or a girl. Reinforce the nursery’s theme with decorative painting, collections, accessories and art.

Gender Neutral Nursery DesignGender Neutral Nursery Design

Small detail, like the wicker baskets, animal toys and pillow on an easy chair in the nursery, polish the overall look. Once your baby is born, make the room unique by adding personal touches, such as decorative stenciling on the wall to spell out exactly whose room it is. Babies love to look at baby faces, making the nursery an ideal place to display photos of your child. Paint a growth chart that’s complementary to the theme to mark just how rapidly your little one grows.

Second Step: Choose Colors

Gray Gender Neutral Baby Room DesignGray Gender Neutral Baby Room Design

Yellow and green are classic color choices for gender-neutral baby room design, but you can get a little bolder with reds and oranges as well. A smart starting point is to choose crib bedding or simply a swatch of fabric with a theme that you love, and use one of its colors to guide the rest of the room, it’s easier to pull a color from a pattern than it is to find a pattern to match your selected color. Remember, inspiration can be found everywhere. A storybook, favorite piece of artwork or the garden outside the window might just spark ideas for a beautiful color scheme.

If you’d prefer to keep the canvas neutral and then layer in bright pops of pink or blue after your baby is born, colors ranging from white to rich browns give you plenty to work with. Pair dark wood furniture with warm mocha brown on the walls and a plush sand-colored rug. A simple white fitted crib sheet will make it easy to bring in color with a bright bumper or quilt. Wall art, accent pillows and area rugs will all lend themselves to colorful choices later, too.

Neutral Baby Room IdeasNeutral  Baby Room Ideas

Play with different tones of one color. Set a tranquil mood with soft, soothing hues of green, or try two-tone walls for added depth and interest. Balance is the key. If you go with a bold, saturated color or strong pattern on the wall, choose neutral-toned furnishings and window coverings to counter the intensity.

Remember that color nearly always looks darker on the wall than it does on a paint chip. Be sure to test large swatches of paint on the wall before committing to a color. Look at how the natural light in the room changes the color through the day.

Third Step: Choose Furniture

Neutral Nursery DesignNeutral Nursery Design

Your baby will be up and moving around before you know it. To prepare, choose furniture and motifs that will transition effortlessly from infant to toddler and eventually to child. When choosing furniture for the nursery, keep in mind that it will have a big impact on the room’s style, setting the tone for a contemporary, classic, whimsical or vintage-inspired space. Begin with crib selection. Because of its prominence and frequent use, the crib will have the most influence on the room’s style and traffic flow.

Finish is an important consideration. White is bright and clean, and can be a great choice if your textiles have deeper colors or vivid patterns. Darker wood tones have a bolder, more classic presence, offering rich contrast with white or pastel crib bedding.

Stunning Gender Neutral Baby Room DesignStunning Gender Neutral Baby Room Design

Buying a new crib ensures that the crib will meet current safety standards. Look for features that grow with your child, a height-adjustable mattress and the ability to convert to a toddler bed will save you effort down the line. Many styles can convert further, to a headboard or even a headboard and footboard, increasing longevity.

Buying a changing table and crib from the same collection gives the nursery a cohesive look, but don’t be afraid to combine collections. Matching finishes can tie the look together. Choose a changing table with easily accessible shelves, cabinets or drawers, so you can reach what you need with one hand while keeping your other on your baby. Many have a removable top for easy conversion to a dresser.

Orange and Brown Baby Bedding for NeutralsOrange and Brown Baby Bedding for Neutrals

When buying furniture, take your comfort into consideration. An upholstered chair or glider is perfect feeding or cuddling. Next to the chair, place a floor lamp and a side table to hold items such as burp cloths, water and books.

Adding personal touches to the baby room design is a great way to prepare for a baby. And for parents who are waiting to find out the baby’s gender, there are plenty of ways you can add warmth and personality without defining the space as a boys or girls room.