Outdoor Small Garden Ideas

You do not have to be governed by what you are familiar with. It is always rewarding and refreshing to see innovative direction in landscape design. Here are a few examples to create outdoor small garden ideas. Hopefully we can help you to get a bright idea for your dream garden.

Small Garden DesignSmall Garden Design

Preparation for Outdoor Small Garden Ideas

Functionality – This brilliant design incorporates timber seating within the construction of the deck. For quiet times these chairs can be used to sit in and relax. For the party season these chairs can easily be reclined back into the deck for added standing area. It is really a great seating solution for small space gardens.

Floor treatment – The addition of the bright hexagon shaped paving changes the whole dynamics of the space.

Wall treatment – Walling is an intrinsically part to any indoor or outdoor space. So why not make a statement out of it. In this example axe split hardwood has been used in a diestock pattern to create this amazing look.

Color for Outdoor Small Garden Ideas

Paint existing structures – Paint walls, floors or even in the stairs to add a pop of color to your outdoor space.

Introduce color by painting your terracotta pots. The pots can add impact to a bland wall. This could have looked even more impressive if the potted color had a red or white flowering plant to add contrast.

The ultimate pool deck. By painting each alternating timber decking board a different color creates a fantastic look against the soft blue hue of the pool water. The curved edge of the deck platform contains the color within, without losing its vibrancy.

Small Garden IdeasSmall Garden Ideas

Fire Pits for Outdoor Small Garden Ideas

Fire pits will make your garden look unique. They offer an ambient atmosphere with their flickering light, crackling timber and warm radiant heat. As an alternative to the traditional wood fire pits there are also some great new models available fuelled by bioethanol, a readily available, environmentally friendly renewable energy that generates a beautiful orange flame with no smoke, no odor, no mess and no fuss.

Here are our 5 simple tips for incorporating fire pits into your outdoor space:

Size matters: For small space gardens make sure the diameter of the fire pit is no more than 60cm. The radiant heat of fire pits can warm up an area 2m x 2m very quickly. You don’t want to sit too close to the fire.

Small Yard Landscapping IdeaSmall Yard Landscaping Idea

Floor treatment: Tiles or paving under a wood burning fire pit is an ideal surface. Grass or timber decking will need a protective stand and tray to stop scorching from the heat.

Keep it Clean: If your fire pit is left out in the rain, make sure it has a drainage hole to allow any water to drain. We also recommend you use a collection tray underneath the fire pit to collect any ash or charcoal debris.

Material: Make sure your fire pit is cast iron or has a heat resistant painted finish as the fire pit surface will get extremely hot.

Safety First: Make sure that adults are always present when the fire pit is operational and keep children and pets out of potential harm’s way. Also, before you go to bed make sure you snuff out the hot embers with water or sand.

Small garden ideas are exactly needed for you who love the beauty of nature but only have small space in your outdoor.