Modern Beach House Decoration

Modern beach house applies a modern architecture style in a beach house. A beach house is a house on or near a beach, sometimes used as a vacation or second home for people who commute to the house on weekends or during vacation periods. Beach houses are often designed to weather the type of climate they are built in and the building materials and construction methods used in beach housing vary widely around the world. Beach houses are often associated with beach gardens with a special planting and a particular type of leisure use. Swimming pools are popular in beach gardens.

Modern Beach House DesignModern Beach House Design

Modern beach house decoration generally refers to furniture with simple, straight lines, low and crisp upholstered pieces and minimal clutter. Modern art tends to be larger and more abstract. The decor also centers on bringing the beach and ocean environments into the home to create a relaxed living experience centered on comfort.

Modern Beach House in Bainbridge IslandModern Beach House in Bainbridge Island

If an ordinary beach house tends to be a simple building with less beautiful outlook. Beach house with modern style comes with some unique architecture styles. It can come with minimalist architecture covered by glass. It will not only bring the beauty of the beach, but also the beauty of the house itself. Beach house with modern style focuses on comforting the people stay on there.

Step by Step of Decorating Modern Beach House

First, collect photographs and magazine clippings of the type of colors and furnishings you like and want to use in your new beach decor.

Modern Beach House with Exterior White PaintModern Beach House with Exterior White Paint

Second, vary the color of walls and furnishings from room to room. Use a color fan to select light, beachy colors that have the same tonal value. When you look at a color fan there will be at least six color chips on each card. At one end is the lightest version of that color and on the other end the darkest version. In between you have colors with a specific tonal value. When you select colors, pick from the same position on each card to choose a color of the same tonal value in a different shade.

Third, carry a thread of white through each room to make the entire rooms feel cohesive. Maintain white baseboards, white ceilings and a selection of antiqued white furnishings. It is also common to see white introduced in slipcovers; even if the cover is striped or floral it will still have a strong white background.

Modern Beach House with Glass DesignModern Beach House with Glass Design

Fourth, pick overstuffed, large sofas and chairs for the main gathering room. These should feel soft and comfortable, not fussy. Select a large coffee table made of old wood that has a distressed and comfortable appearance, inviting people to put their feet on the table.

Fifth, choose a few beach elements such as an Adirondack chair, made comfortable with casual pillows in a reading corner. Curtains should be white background with a simple, light-colored print. For rooms where privacy isn’t a concern, consider using sheers or plantation shutters instead of formal draperies.

Nestles Modern Beach House IdeaNestles Modern Beach House Idea

Sixth, collections of beach elements such as sand, shells and driftwood should be restrained inside one larger container rather than placed on every table and surface. Choose folk art and weathered Americana for art and accent pieces. Maintain a bookcase filled with contemporary award-winning books from children’s to adult to invite people to borrow a book and find a sunny corner to enjoy it.

Ultra Modern Beach House IdeaUltra Modern Beach House Idea

Seventh, stock guest closets with snorkel and beach gear. Place extra beach-size towels in every bathroom along with sample size sunblock with a note inviting guests to take and keep the bottle. Place an over-the-door shoe holder inside the foyer closet full of pairs of flip flops in all sizes for guests who left theirs at home. Keep an umbrella stand filled with sun shades near the door and a bowl full of wacky plastic sunglasses on hand. These small reminders that this is a beach house will help people relax and have fun.

What you should remember about modern beach house decoration is it centers on creating an experience of a comfortable, casual vacation atmosphere that suggests there is a beach nearby. This is created by choosing a color palette in light, sun-washed colors coupled with larger, comfortable furniture and accent tables and pieces that are lightly worn.