Luxury Bathroom Designs: High end Needs For Everyone

Having a luxury bathroom is a dream for every home owner. Luxury bathroom is not only about trend, but also the high-end technologies that serve your needs of complete relaxation and comfort. Actually you can start to have your own luxury bathroom by preparing your existing bathroom and changing it into what you dream of. Below is some information you should know about luxury bathroom designs.

Types of Luxury Bathroom Designs

Before you making the change, you should choose your types of your dream bathroom. You can choose contemporary, traditional or country style. Each styles has their own positive and negative sides.

Classic Luxurious Bathroom Design with ChandelliersClassic Luxurious Bathroom Design with Chandelliers

If you choose a contemporary decor scheme for your new luxury bathroom, choose elements that are sleek and often constructed of industrial elements. Select stainless steel and glass vanities with built-in sinks or low-profile vessel sinks in either glass or stainless steel. Choose stone flooring, such as slate, or consider a concrete floor. For decoration, choose one bold color, such as bright red or yellow, and add only a few accents in that color, such as a floor rug or one large piece of wall art. You can also include natural elements, such as large potted plants with vibrant green foliage, to soften the hard edges of the contemporary design and make the bathroom more inviting.

Luxurious Bathroom Design with Extraordinary TubLuxurious Bathroom Design with Extraordinary Tub

For a luxurious, traditional bathroom, choose pieces that reflect comfort as well as luxury. Choose furniture-style vanities in rich wood finishes, like cherry, oak and mahogany, and consider hardwood flooring in the same tones. Marble and granite work well for both flooring and vanity tops, but avoid black or dark gray tones, as this will give your bathroom a contemporary design feel and interrupt your traditional finish. For wall colors, choose a soft color. You can go with a neutral, such as beige, or select a muted shade of your favorite color. Select accents in pairs to provide the balance required in a traditional design scheme. For example, place plants potted in matching urns at either end of the vanity, and groupings of similar photographs in wooden frames on the walls.

Luxury Bathroom Design in BlackLuxury Bathroom Design in Black

Though country decor is often more casual than contemporary or traditional design, you can still use country-style design in your luxury bathroom. Choose upscale country elements, such as a copper pedestal or claw-foot tub or an antique furniture-style vanity. Pick flooring in hardwood with lighter tones, such as white oak or pine. For wall colors, consider traditional country colors, like sunny yellow, soft pink, sage green or sky blue. Complete the country feel of your bathroom by adding accents. Look for vintage photographs in antique frames and create groupings of three or four on the walls. Use vintage tea towels hung on antique hooks for hand towels and add antique porcelain, ceramic or cut-glass bottles to the vanity top to hold necessities in style.

Ideas of Luxury Bathroom Designs

After you choose your bathroom style, the next thing you should prepare is some fixtures that will equip and complete the function of your luxury bathroom. Below are some fixtures you may have in your dream bathroom.

Waterfalls in Your Bath – Not only do modern baths give you a relaxing massage to soothe aching muscles with water jets, but they also now feature overhead faucets that pour sheets of water, mimicking a waterfall. Consider adding a waterfall to your bath if you find the sound of splashing water soothing.

Luxury Bathroom Design with SaunaLuxury Bathroom Design with Sauna

Freestanding Baths – If all you really want to do is soak and relax, consider a freestanding tub. These baths take up less space than whirlpool tubs and Jacuzzis but are deep enough to soak your whole body and long enough to not have to bend your knees. Some luxury freestanding baths even have a lip at one end that supports a bather’s head and neck so they do not need to use a bath pillow or towel, and others offer a waterproof HDTV at the foot of the tub.

High-Tech Baths – If you need to multitask in a tub, purchase one that has a radio, MP3 and Bluetooth capabilities, speakers, a clock and a hydro-massager. If this is not enough, tell your designer to create a waterfall to trickle water from your ceiling, and add a champagne cooler.

Luxury Beautiful Lavish Bathroom DesignLuxury Beautiful Lavish Bathroom Design

A Personal Cocoon – A cocoon-like bath is like a spa package in your own home. Its features include a whirlpool, an infrared sauna, steam sauna, a hydro-massager and an air-bubble massager. To use the sauna functions, simply lower the bath’s lid and steam away.

A Bath for a Queen and Her King – Get the ultimate “bling” for your bathroom with a bath that features a gold frame and Swarovski crystal accents. Add two waterproof HDTV consoles so each bather can watch what they please, which appear and disappear at the touch of a button. Once you add underwater lights and a champagne holder, you are ready to relax like royalty.

A Sci-Fi Tub – If your imagination is a little out of this world, that’s okay, there is a tub for that. Add two different faucets to pour water into the bath so it does not take long for a saucer-shaped tub to fill. Wash your suds away with a rain-creating showerhead as you bask in the soft LED lights that glow from it.

Luxury Modern Minimalist Bathroom DesignLuxury Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

Luxury baths are a place where homeowners can retreat, go on a miniature vacation and escape the world. Luxury bathroom designs as a whole exceed the imagination with spa showers, smart toilets, waterproof TVs and heated floors. When considering ideas for adding a luxury bath to your home, don’t let your designing doubts get in the way.