Lighting Ideas For Swimming Pool

Pool lights have a multitude of uses. For one thing, they increase safety around swimming pools at night, which is important when you host get-togethers around your pool. And adding lights makes it possible to swim well into the evening, which is great for people who work during the day and want to enjoy a swim when they get home. These pool lightings also add decorative appeal to the surrounding area, and can create a number of special effects. There are some lighting ideas for swimming pool that great for your pool. These pool lighting ideas are practical, functional and playful. With these ideas, you can extend your swimming hours and making your pool into a decorative oasis after dark.

Some Great Lighting Ideas for Swimming Pool

Halogen Light For Pool

Halogen Light for Pool

halogen pool light ideas

Halogen Pool Light Ideas

The number one pool lighting ideas for your pool is using halogen light. Incandescent or halogen light bulbs may be placed in the pool, under the water, in an in-ground pool. This is a convenient way for swimmers to see under the water when in the pool at night. The only drawback to this option is a glare off of the water. The lights may be turned off if the pool is not in use. If the lights remain on, the light may reflect into the house if others are not swimming.

solar pool lights

Solar Pool Lights

solar lighting idea for a pool

Solar Lighting Idea for a Pool

Solar pool lights are other lighting ideas for swimming pool, and they don’t require electricity or batteries, just sunshine. The floating lights have solar collectors that gather solar energy during the day and automatically come on at night – no batteries or electricity required. Each has a rotating color wheel alternating blue, pink, and yellow, to light up your pool or spa with soft colors at night. Another type of solar pool light is the floating globe light with color changing LEDs in green, blue, and red. The base has an on-off switch. The bottom of each globe is weighted to keep the light upright, and there is also a small loop at the top in case you want to anchor or hang them up. Floating lights can add to the ambiance and feel of your outdoor space.

Pool Lighting With Fiber OpticPool Lighting with Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic Pool LightingFiber Optic Pool Lighting

Hangers and fiber optics are two types of pool lighting that utilize the top ledge of above ground pools for installation. By removing a section of the top railing, a suspended hanger for lights is then installed. Known as a J-hook, this hanger is hidden once the top ledge is put back into place. The lights hang below the surface of the water while the electric cable and transformer reside outside of the pool. Fiber optics is installed similarly to a J-hook as the cables themselves are placed underneath the top railing of above ground pools.

Well, these were some lighting ideas for swimming pool that can help you to choose the best lighting for your pool. For consideration, installing floating or above-ground pool lighting is a fairly easy undertaking. Read and follow all of the instructions and safety warnings included with your pool lighting products. However, if you are interested in installing in-ground pool lights in an existing swimming pool, it is best to leave that task to professionals. Check with your local pool store to find out if they offer this service. If they do not, ask for recommendations for companies who handle wiring in-ground pools with supplemental lighting.