Kids’ Room Ideas: A Memory For Your Kids

We can all relate to the feeling of needing a room of one’s own. Kids are no exception. In fact, living in a comfortable, stylish space is a vital step in a child’s maturing process. Here are some tips for kids’ room ideas.

Discuss Kids’ Room Ideas with Your Kid

Start off on the right foot by involving your child in the decision-making process. This means letting them choose colors, themes, bedding, some of the things that will imprint their unique personality on the most important place in their life.

Kids rom with Canopy BedKids Room with Canopy Bed

Essentials Things of Kids’ Room Ideas

There are some basic rules of thumb you have to follow when designing a great kids’ room that will take your child from crib to college. First, make sure the closet is well-organized and accessible; kids are happier when they can find their favorite things easily. Desks are essential, for homework and being creative as well as for storing personal items.

Kids' Room Idea Beds with Nice TentsKids’ Room Idea Beds with Nice Tents

Want to decrease the mess factor in advance? Hang a variety of hooks around the room. Then there’s no excuse for not hanging bags, athletic equipment or just about anything else that could end up on the floor. Clothes hampers are also crucial for obvious reasons. A chair or bench for friends to sit on is a cool, functional way to add a homey touch. As is comfy bedding they’ll look forward to getting into each night.

Kids’ Room Ideas; Decoration, Color, Furniture and Storage

One of the most important aspects of designing a kids’ room is making it an extension of their personality. Does your child have a favorite pastime or hobby? Incorporate it into the room. Hang their snowboard on the wall or frame the artwork they’re most proud of. Sometimes the addition of a special, magical element-a tea party setting or beaded lighting makes a statement. The best decoration for your kids’ room is based on their own personality.

Kids' Room with Bed in a CabinetKids’ Room with Bed in a Cabinet

Related about room color, you should not limit yourself to what you think of as “kids’ colors” or materials. Elegant palettes can reflect a child’s personality too, as can unique treatments, such as plastering or painted bead board.

Kids Room with Nautical BedKids’ Room with Nautical Bed

As far as furniture goes, invest in quality pieces if you can. Well-constructed beds, desks and dressers will last for years and cost you less in the long run. Plus, you can bequeath that furniture to your kids when they move to their own homes. To increase kids’ comfort in their room, fantasy beds can be optional furniture. Fantasy beds can help their imagination come true, about princess, dragon, and castle and so on. There might be more practical solutions to childhood sleep, but the fun that a fantasy bed brings to a child’s life will more than make up for the added expense. And you’ll always know where you child is, since your child’s friends will want to play at your house and plan wonderful sleepovers. PoshTots interior designer Pam O’Hallaron advises that whatever style is chosen for a child, “Make the new bed an occasion to remember. Get them excited about their new environment and they’ll love spending time there. Talk to your children and find out what they like. A favorite book or color may be the decorating theme you’re looking for.”

Kids' Room With Transportation BedKids’ Room With Transportation Bed

Before you or your child has their heart set on a specific bed, make sure your room will hold the bed. Some of the beds come in strange or oversized shapes. Remember that some styles will require custom-made bedding.

One last thing that quickly gets out of control with younger kids is toys. So, the best solution is you must designate another area of the house-a family room or play room-as toy central and rotate large buckets of toys into kids’ rooms as needed. Not only will that keep their room’s supply fresh and varied, it will prevent the mess from reaching disaster proportions.

Kids' RoomKids’ Room

Now it’s time to get started revealing those kids’ room ideas and remember: don’t discount the value of a nice bedroom for your children. They’ll spend years in it, we should make it as special as possible.