Interior House Design For Small Spaces

The right design can open up small rooms and give them the feel of extra space. Below are some tips of interior house design for small spaces.

Cozy Small Space Interior Design

Sweet Green Interior Design for Small Space

Remember that a tiny room doesn’t have to hold only tiny furniture. Sometimes with a small space, people avoid large furniture thinking it will dominate the room. Not true. A large sectional can often be better than a small sofa and chair.

Combine like objects and purge. Don’t purchase any organizing supplies until you know precisely what needs to be stored.

Use mirrors and glass to create reflections and bounce light around. Making a house design for small spaces seem grand depends on maximizing light. You can do that with a glass coffee table, rather than a wood or opaque one. You can do it by tucking mirrors into corners, and by hanging art in glass frames, which create reflections.

Ensure that window coverings don’t cut off light when they’re open. Hang curtains so that when they’re open, the entire pane is clear; open curtains should fall beside the window and not obscure any of it. Don’t hang curtains inside the window frame. Consider hanging curtains from the ceiling, rather than from the top of the window, which will add height (and some drama) to the space.

Think vertically. Whether you’re hanging art or shelves, or placing furniture, don’t let vertical space go to waste. Using it is practical, providing a display space for art, for example, and it also draws the eye up, making a space feel more expansive than it actually is.

Arrange closets carefully. Well-organized closets are essential. And if there’s no lighting in there already, always install it—a closet is only 50 percent useful if you can’t see in it.

Let there be light. Have at least three points of light at eye level in each room—and turn them on! By giving your eyes multiple focus points, lamps help expand a room visually, creating the illusion of more depth and space.

Use rope lighting. Buy LED rope lighting by the yard and put it anywhere—in your closet at shoe level, as up-lighting on top of kitchen cabinets, and under cabinets for counter lighting.

Create contrast with color. Stain the floor dark, use light colors on walls, and paint the ceiling a lighter white. This helps the eye travel up the walls, giving a sense of more space.

Reach new heights. Floor-to-ceiling curtains make walls seem taller and windows larger. Do this with your shower curtain, too, to create the impression of a big, luxurious shower.

Extravagant Interior Design for Small Spaces

Extravagant Interior Design for Small Spaces

Do you know what is the last but not the least tip of interior house design for small spaces? Wash your windows! The eyes stop at a dirty window, but the gaze travels out through clean glass.