Inspirational Wall Mounted Storage Idea

If you have limited space, you can maximize your wall through installing or building wall mounted storage. Here we give you wall mounted storage idea which can help you to solve your storage problems at your house.

Budget Saver

Budget Saver

Idea One: Eat-In Storage

Use an eating-nook wall for extra kitchen storage space. Open shelving secludes this banquette from a busy passage without cutting off views and light from the adjacent window. The sleek steel pole echoes stainless steel in the kitchen and puts a contemporary spin on a bungalow-inspired built-in. A matching support for the pistachio-green concrete tabletop leaves plenty of room for diners or crafters to slide in.

Idea Three: Budget Saver

Replacing cabinets? Save a few dollars by opting for shelves instead of upper cabinets. Choose everyday dishes and serving pieces with display-worthy qualities. With open shelves like these, you’ll tackle two kitchen challenges (accessorizing and storage) with one solution. You’ll also find the kitchen feels more open and airy.

Idea Three: Elegant Scheme Bedroom With Wall-Mounted Storage

A carved sleigh bed keeps things cozy in a young boy’s bedroom, while a wall-mounted open shelving unit neatly houses treasured possessions.

Idea Four: Space-Savvy Style

The next wall mount storage idea can you get through pack efficiency into a small bathroom without stunting style. Behind the skirted pedestal sink, a bumped-out ledge provides storage for bath necessities and display pieces within easy reach.

Idea Five: Streamlined Efficiency

For a streamlined look, match your storage components to your shelving. These white boxes and baskets blend with the white shelving unit, creating a cohesive look that allows the room’s sophisticated purple elements to shine through. A coordinated look will keep large wall units from looking cluttered and disorganized.

Idea Six: Small-Space Solution

Wondering how to make the best use of a narrow slice of blank wall in your laundry room? Transform it with a wall-mount drying rack. This drying station taps into unused space beneath a window, providing a handy spot to hang small items.

Idea Seven: Sideboard Storage

Fashion your own wall buffet with ordinary shoe organizers. Place same-size cubby-style shoe organizers side by side and screw them together. Cut a top and base to span the length of the organizers, add a stemware holder underneath, and outfit the buffet with barware. No need for an entertainment unit? This idea can also serve as a go-anywhere workstation: Add a chair and the space becomes a desk. Use the cubbies to sort mail and other small items.

Idea Eight: Command Central

Turn a blank wall into an information super center with close-to-the-wall boards. Hang a combination of blackboards and magnet boards to serve several purposes. Blackboards are ideal for writing important phone numbers and reminders, and magnet boards are the perfect spot to hang papers and notes that need prompt attention.

Small-Space Solution

Small-Space Solution

Through the pictures, hopefully you can find wall mounted storage idea that can be nice for your limited space.