Ideas For Twin Girls Bedroom

Having a child is wonderful moment for every couple. Let’s imagine when you have twin children. You will exactly get double wonderful moment.  Having twin children means that you need to have double preparation for everything; double crib, clothes, blankets, etc. However, you don’t need to prepare two rooms for them. One room is better. Sometimes twins are best friends, but at other times they’re ready to pull each other’s hair out. When your twin girls share a room, aim for balance between sharing and respect for their individual preferences. According to pediatrician George Cohen, writing on the Babycenter website, twins often find comfort in sharing a room, particularly when they’re young. However, to help keep the peace, you as their parents should pay attention on their individual spaces, favorite design and specific furniture arrangements. If you need twin girls bedroom ideas, you stay on the correct page; you’ll get the information you need.

Bedroom Idea for twin GirlsBedroom Idea for twin Girls

Lofts are nice choice to have. If you are kind of creative parents, you can try to make the loft beds by yourself. However, the easiest and quickest way to have the beds is of course by purchasing the beds. Loft beds create individual spaces and privacy within a shared room.  Popular in college dorms, these beds allow twins to place a desk or create a personal reading or play space under the bed. Consider placing two loft beds in the room. That way, each girl has her own distinct space. A canopy or curtain will keep the desk, or anything else the twin has under her loft, private when she chooses to close it. Purchase a canopy or simply use a wall-sized hanging curtain. Attach the canopy to the bottom of the loft so that it hangs to the floor and creates a private area.

Orange Double Loft for Twin GirlsOrange Double Loft for Twin Girls

Pink Twin Girls Room IdeaPink Twin Girls Room Idea

Chalkboard wall is a nice idea to remember when preparing your twin girls bedroom. Twins, and their parents, can keep track of busy schedules with a chalkboard wall calendar. Choose a wall or space in the room to cover in chalkboard paint. Home improvement and paint stores carry chalkboard paint. Cover the area with two coats of paint. Let each twin choose a different color of chalk. On the wall, the twins can make a basic weekly calendar with simple boxes to organize their week, or they can create a more intricate monthly calendar. The twins can also use the wall to write messages to each other or other family members in their specific color. In addition, they can draw designs to further personalize their area.

Room Idea for Twin GirlsRoom Idea for Twin Girls

Twin Girls Bedroom IdeaTwin Girls Bedroom Idea

Separate colors and spaces are something you must keep in your mind. Although your daughters are twins, they are exactly different girls with different personalities that have their own favorites. Color choices and other decorations let twins express their individual personalities in a shared room. Ask each twin to choose a color. Paint two walls of the room in one color and two walls in the other color. If the twins prefer the same color, they can choose separate shades or designs to differentiate their space. For instance, one area could be white with pink circles, while the other is pink with white circles. Place furniture, such as bookcases or dressers, to create separate areas in the room. You can also place headboards together so the twins’ beds face away from each other.

Twin Girls with Different Favorite for The BedroomTwin Girls with Different Favorite for The Bedroom

Preparing twin girls bedroom is not as difficult as you think. What you should remember is your twin daughters may be able to have similar face, but they have their own personalities, characteristics, and favorites, and you should respect their differences. Don’t ever judge them to always be same, let them express themselves in their own way; one of the ways is by designing their dream bedroom.