Ideas For Designing An Old Fashioned Bathroom

An old fashioned bathroom is comfortable and warm, and it has timeless appeal. It has all of the modern-day comforts and amenities, but visually it takes all who enter back in time when bathroom decor was simpler yet visually charming and accommodating. When looking for ideas for an old-fashioned bathroom, consider these design and decor suggestions. Planning and decorating a bathroom can be an enjoyable experience and the following ideas can help anyone plan and design an impressive and functional old-fashioned bath for a turn-of-the-century or modern-day home.

Bathroom with Old Fashioned Wallpaper

Bathroom with Old Fashioned Wallpaper

Steps for Designing an Old Fashioned Bathroom

First Step: Consider Wood Flooring for an Old-Fashioned Bathroom

Some types of flooring do not fit the theme of an old-fashioned bathroom, but wood plank flooring is ideal. When going for an old-fashioned country or cottage look, choose one of the many types of wood flooring. Sugar maple laminate is one of the least expensive, and solid pre-finished hardwood with a fifty year warranty is one of the best but also one of the most expensive. Visit a home improvement store or flooring retailer to view the many options for the bathroom. Even the most expensive wood flooring will not cost a small fortune when used in a small bathroom with old-fashioned charm.

Claw Foot Bath TubClaw Foot Bath Tub

Second Step: Select a Claw Foot Bathtub with Old-Fashioned Charm

When looking for ideas for an old-fashioned bathroom, consider a claw foot bathtub instead of a modern-day tub. Although a claw foot bathtub is one of the pricier options, it will look outstanding in an old-fashioned bathroom. This type of tub is also deeper than standard varieties. Not only is it exceptionally stylish, but this deeper style is also great for soaking and taking relaxing candlelit bubble baths. Be sure to select hardware to match the old-fashioned theme. In addition, even if the tub will not be used with a shower, it is beneficial to have a handheld showerhead attached to the faucet assembly. They are available in various price ranges and styles to meet every bathroom remodeling budget.

Old Fashioned Bathroom Furniture

Old Fashioned Bathroom Furniture

Third Step: Mount a Simple Shelf at the Head of the Tub

An old-fashioned bathroom offers simple yet stylish amenities. Since a claw foot bathtub does not have built-in soap dishes or sides to hold shampoo and other items, mount a simple painted shelf at the head of the tub. Use old-style pumps to hold shampoo and body wash rather than leaving plastic bottles within view. The shelf can also be used to hold decor such as a milk bottle vase of faux or real flowers. Daisies, peonies, or lilacs arranged with baby’s breath and fern branches add tremendous color and natural beauty to a bathroom with old-fashioned style.

Old Fashioned Bathroom Style With Modern TasteOld Fashioned Bathroom Style with Modern Taste

Fourth Step: Consider a Basic Old-Fashioned Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet

As previously mentioned, a claw foot bathtub is a more expensive option, but other furnishings are not nearly as pricy and can help make up for the added expense. When shopping for a medicine cabinet, select a basic old-fashioned wood framed cabinet. This is generally a less expensive option, especially if it is painted rather than stained. It will provide enough space for storing common bathroom necessities, and it will go well with the style and theme of the bathroom.

Fifth Step: Select a Stylish Pedestal Sink for the Bathroom

A pedestal sink and a claw foot tub make a great pair, and this is one of the best choices when decorating an old-fashioned bathroom. A stained wooden cabinet and sink is also a fantastic option, and they are both available in all price ranges. Although a pedestal sink is highly desirable in an old-fashioned bathroom, it will provide absolutely no storage. When storage space is an issue, select an old-fashioned vanity instead.

Vintage Bathroom With Black TubVintage Bathroom with Black Tub

Sixth Step: Options for Bathroom Towel and Supply Storage

Consider using a frame and wire cabinet for towel and accessory storage, or use a large woven basket to hold rolled towels if floor space allows. A tall wooden freestanding cabinet with old-fashioned charm is also an excellent choice, and it can be used to store bathroom supplies as well. Best of all, it will take up very little square footage in a smaller bathroom.

Wood Paneling Floor For Old Fashion BathroomWood Paneling Floor for Old Fashion Bathroom

Envision an old fashioned bathroom as suggested along with a personal touch. Other ideas include turning milk can into a stylish pedestal for holding a lacy Boston fern or a spider plant. Candle wall sconces also add traditional charm and appeal to an old-fashioned bathroom, especially when they hold fragrant candles. Visit antique stores and flea markets, and view bed and breakfast brochures and magazines for additional ideas and creative decorating tips.