How To Make Your Bedroom Like Modern Hotel Rooms?

Modern hotel rooms are always comfortable for the occupants. The rooms also have many facilities that your bedrooms at your house may not have. Do you have a dream to bring a hotel room into your own home? You can make it happen. If you love to travel, or don’t travel as often as you like, designing your bedroom around a hotel theme will make you feel that you’re far away from your hometown. With simple tweaks and cost-effective purchases, creating your own hotel bedroom is within your reach.

Design of Modern Hotel RoomDesign of Modern Hotel Room

Before starting your project, remember to prepare all the things you need, such as: magazines, photographs, CD(s) and CD player, curtains, robe, slippers, bed linens and duvet, pillows, make up/ shaving mirror, coffeemaker and coffee packets, newspapers, locked safe, mini-refrigerator, snacks, beverages, bellhop bell and individual-size toiletries.

Hotel Bedroom DesignHotel Bedroom Design

If you have prepared all the things you need, you can start your project with the first step. Choose a setting for your hotel room. Hotels are associated with vacations, and designing your new hotel room around your favorite destination will make every trip to your room seem like a mini-getaway. If you love to lounge at the beach, ski in the mountains or stroll the streets of Paris, incorporate images of these settings into your room. Clip advertisements and pictures from magazines or use your own personal photos. Create a faux “window” along one wall, with images that reflect the sort of view you’d like to see from a far-off hotel room. Have a CD handy with music that matches your theme, such as Beach Boy jams or Italian opera.

Interior Design Hotel Rooms IdeaInterior Design Hotel Rooms Idea

If you have finished with the first step, you may move to the second step of creating your bedroom into modern hotel rooms. Create the look of a presidential suite with richly colored fabrics and window dressings. Hang a thick, soft, white robe from the back of your bedroom door and place white slippers at the foot of your bed.

Modern Hotel BedroomModern Hotel Bedroom

Outfit your bed with Egyptian linens that have a high thread count, plus down pillows and a down duvet. If your bedroom has a connecting bathroom, display neat, stark-white towels. Place an illuminated makeup/shaving mirror on the countertop. You can even purchase small, individual-size toiletries like shampoo and miniature soaps.

Modern Hotel Room Design Black and White ColorModern Hotel Room Design Black and White Color

Continue to the third step. To create the full effect of a typical hotel room, certain niceties can be included. Display a small coffeemaker with individual-size coffee packets on your dresser. If you receive a daily newspaper, place it at the bottom of your bed or by the door. Keep valuables in a locked safe. Get the feel of having 24-hour room service by stocking a mini-refrigerator with essential snacks and beverages. You can even put a bellhop bell next to your bed.

Ultra Modern Hotel RoomsUltra Modern Hotel Rooms

Stepping into modern hotel rooms, with its superb interior design and style, can bring a feeling of utter delight and relaxation. With an eye for design, you can bring similar style to your own bedroom. Don’t forget to put a few essential items in your bedroom to help you create a modern bedroom suite all your own.