How To Decor Your Home With French Country Style

French country style decor has evolved from the beautiful hamlets of the south of France to become one of the most widespread styles of interior design around the globe. It embodies the rustic nature and charm of old French farmhouses and country homes. French country decor imitates the adornments you might find in a cottage in rural France and when you think of the French countryside, you are inevitably envisioning lavender-filled meadows and sparkling sunshine.

Bathroom Design French Country StyleBathroom Design French Country Style

French Country Style Decoration Ideas

Decorating colors of French country are rich and bold shades. The most common French colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Some examples of color combinations are blue with yellow and red with yellow. Black is always a popular accent with the French color scheme.

To decorate French Country walls, it will look great with a stucco finish. You can use plaster on the walls to achieve this classic French look. Today there are many faux wall treatments that you can apply. These kits will help you achieve the appearance of stucco. This is a great option if you don’t want to change the texture of your wall, and desire a less permanent option. Faux wall treatment kits, books and supplies can be purchased from a craft or hardware store.

French Country Style Bedroom IdeasFrench Country Style Bedroom Ideas

Wallpaper is a great addition to your walls. You could apply wallpaper in toile patterns as described below, or any pattern that fits within French country decorating style. A wallpaper border with chickens and roosters would make a charming addition to your kitchen.

Brick looks great with French style as it creates warmth and charm. Again, if you don’t want to use real brick, you can recreate the look through faux painting techniques and wallpaper.

French Country Style Garden Outdoor DiningFrench Country Style Garden Outdoor Dining

Have a distinct look and feel with French Country style decorating fabrics and linens. They are typically Chintz, Toile or Calico. Toile fabrics are a familiar French country decorating icon. This fabric has an old fashioned look, and is recognized for its all-over pattern.

Toile is traditionally available with the color combination of white or cream with one single color. The dominate colors being Red, Black or Blue. Here is an example of toile fabric in this blue and yellow kitchen. Take note of the window treatments.

French Country Style HomeFrench Country Style Home

French provincial fabrics are another distinct fabric style used in French decorating. Here is an example of these. These Provincial fabrics are what we would most likely call calico. You will notice their intense colors and small repeated patterns. These textiles are available from fabric and quilting stores.

You can always purchase a variety of pre-made French Style textiles. You will find everything from place mats and table linens, to bedding and draperies. These charming linens will give your home that distinct French look you desire. You may want to accent the French provincial and Toile fabrics with striped and checkered fabrics. These make a nice contrast with the busier patterns. Remember, Cottage Style is all about mixing and matching of patterns.

French Country Style Kitchen IdeasFrench Country Style Kitchen Ideas

French Country furniture could be dark and natural, or might also be light and painted. You will see faux finishes on furniture as discussed above for walls. Within French style you will see decorative hand painting added to pieces of furniture. Think about adding decorative flowers, French roosters, and flowing vines.

The easiest way to do decorative painting is to use stencils and stamps. These are easily available from craft stores and so easy to use. Stenciling and stamping add a lot of character, for a very cheap price!

French Country Style Living Room DesignFrench Country Style Living Room Design

French Country floors will mostly be natural wood, stone, or tile. You could mimic the look of stone, brick or tile on your floors, using a stencil or faux painting kit as described above. Area and throw rugs are always a cheap and easy addition to any floor. There are so many charming and fun rugs available today. These will give a punch of color and style where ever you need it.

Luxury Dining Room with French Country StyleLuxury Dining Room with French Country Style

The look of French country style decor is spontaneous, appealing and without fuss. The charm rests in the rustic nature of the accessories and furniture and the simple, sunny merging of colors. The colors chiefly connected with French country decor are sunny yellow, gold, soft green, red, rust and smatterings of lavender, blue and pink. Build a cheerful and sparkling environment with the mingling and coordinating of colors and fabric designs that might even be considered confusing in other interior decors. Toile is a fabric most connected with French style decor. It is a material with a white or off-white background that is adorned with a repeating pastoral print. Furnishings have a rural quality and they do not need to be impeccable. Matte, natural looking, dark woods and pieces that have been painted white are all quite common. Antiqued and rusty iron and metals are also a primary component of French style decor. Lastly, no French country home would be complete without flowers.