Gothic Bathroom Design Reveal Your Dark Side

Do you like the look of the Gothic bathroom design you’ve seen and would really like to change up? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

gothic bathroom accessories

Gothic bathroom accessories

With a little budget decorating on your side, you can have a great Gothic bathroom. You can start building your own Gothic bathroom design by using your favorite dark colors for your bathtub and sink designs as well as flooring, walls and tiles the Gothic design starts to develop.

gothic bathroom decor with red and black

Gothic bathroom decor with red and black

Even though Gothic bathrooms tend to be on the dark side, try using the combination of light and dark colors. For example, you can apply a black shower curtain with white tribal lines throughout. Perhaps you also can do the same with some really cool tribal wall tile around the sink, or a black pedestal sink with silver fixtures.

gothic black bathroom

Gothic black  bathroom

wonderful lux gothic bathroom decor

wonderful lux Gothic bathroom decor

The next thing you should think of is about the walls of the Gothic bathroom. First you should decide what you want to do with the walls; paint, paper, faux, paneling, etc. There are so many courses to take you must make a plan. By far painting your walls is the cheapest way to go. You can do the walls black if you want. However, if you do this in a small bathroom, it will look smaller with darker colors. So what you need to do with the small bathroom is you should break it up; you can do black on the top part of the wall and perhaps a tribal design or even paper on the lower half of the wall, or you can break the wall with a chair rail or a painted design of your choosing.

luxury black gothic bathroom decor

luxury black Gothic bathroom decor

The other way to design a great Gothic bathroom is by going tribal. Here’s where you can get creative, you need to check out some tribal tattoo designs for bathroom walls. You can find wall stickers that fit the bill and are very Tribal & Gothic looking, and of course easy to apply. Tattoo designs, particularly tribal for that Gothic look, will also work well all around the cottage. So don’t be afraid to check out the multitude of tattoo designs available and use them as accents on the wall or on furniture you’re refinishing.

wonderful gothic bathroom

wonderful Gothic bathroom

Gothic bathroom design, as other bathroom design, is kind of a sanctuary, in a certain respect, where you find peace and quiet and alone time. You should spend quite a bit of time in it and you want it to be welcoming and comfortable, that’s why you need some plans and decor to create and build it as well.