Gothic Victorian Interiors

House Design , Victorian House Interiors : Modern Victorian Decorating

Victorian House Interiors

…There’s a lot to love about Victorian house interiors. With their ornate architecture, elegant proportions and intricate detailing, they were built to be admired, and they’ve stood the test…

Furniture , Modern Victorian Style Furniture : Fabulous Victorian Bath Tub in Modern Design

Modern Victorian Style Furniture

…Modern Victorian style furniture is the greatest way to add hints of Victorian elegance to your modern home interiors. Furniture in deep wooden finishes and carved at length are…

Furniture , The Basic Elements Of Victorian Style Furniture : Classy Victorian Style Dining Furniture

The Basic Elements Of Victorian Style Furniture

…Victorian style furniture can be tricky to spot, because the period overlaps the Gothic and Art Nouveau periods and shares elements with both styles. Bedroom Victorian Style Furniture If…

Furniture , Features Of Victorian Furniture Style : Victorian Drawer Furniture Design

Features Of Victorian Furniture Style

…The principal idea behind any of the Victorian furniture styl e is detailed styling and intense and rich design. Most of the pieces of this era are crafted to…

Interior Design , Gothic Interior Design Ideas : Gothic Style Dining Room

Gothic Interior Design Ideas

…Gothic interior design takes its cues from the European castles and cathedrals of the Middle Ages. Ecclesiastical influences abound, including stained glass and religious relics. Tall vertical elements, such…

Bedroom , Gothic Bedroom Designs : Contemporary Gothic Bedroom Interior

Gothic Bedroom Designs

…Gothic bedroom designs very often resemble the set design on horror films. Dark colors set the tone, and the accessories accentuate the theme further. Toile-patterned upholstery and accessories and…

Furniture , Dramatic Gothic Furniture : Bedroom With Gothic Furniture

Dramatic Gothic Furniture

…late 1600’s. It enjoyed a resurgence again in the 1800’s in Europe and also in America. During the Victorian era, homes known as “Gothic revival” were constructed. Elegant Bedroom Gothic…

Interior Design , Victorian House Interior : Victorian Style Bedroom

Victorian House Interior

…Not all Victorian house interior was filled with elaborate and luxurious furniture, even though that’s the style most people associate with the era. Victorian interiors were designed according to…

Bathroom , Gothic Bathroom Design Reveal Your Dark Side : gothic bathroom decor with red and black

Gothic Bathroom Design Reveal Your Dark Side

…Do you like the look of the Gothic bathroom design you’ve seen and would really like to change up? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Gothic bathroom accessories…

Decoration , Victorian Home Decor On Budget : Victorian Home Decor for Dining Room

Victorian Home Decor On Budget

…Ornate, rich, and expensive – these are adjectives which usually apply to Victorian home decor. While it can still be ornate and rich, it doesn’t have to be expensive….