Door Less Shower Application For Modern Home Interior Design

The special trend related to home interior design is installing door less shower in modern bathroom. Bathroom is a place where we spend little time to clean ourselves from dust and dirt physically. There will be much water flowing on the floor and splashed on the wall. So we should ensure our bathroom is water resistant for durability. Shower space in the bathroom is one of space where we can install tiles and other design ideas.

 Door less shower

Door less Shower for Chic Bathroom

Being chic bathroom doesn’t always involve wood and other classic or modern furniture to reflect the chic. Semi modern would be better impression for this chic bathroom with inner door less shower stall. Cream glass tiles are installed stylishly with mixing color combination to make it chic.

Door less shower -Doorless shower stall


This cream color looks harmony with green wall in the bathroom wall. Clean glass wall is installed to divide the door less shower with other space in the chic bathroom. There is no door applied on the shower space to create simple accent in this small room. You can also read about shower tile.

 Door less Shower - Wall in door less shower

Door less Shower for Modern Bathroom

White is perfect color to brighten and enlarge this small bathroom space. The shower stall surrounded by clean floor-to-ceiling wall to make the bathroom looks larger. There is no wall on the two sides of this modern door less shower stall.