Decorating A Room With Turquoise Wall Paint

Turquoise is a combination of blue and yellow, with an emphasis on the blue. Turquoise is a calming shade that is said to aid in concentration. It’s a clean, fresh-looking shade that works as well in a living room as in a playroom. You can play with turquoise colors on your room in many ways; however the best turquoise idea is turquoise wall paint. If you have turquoise paint in your wall, you need some ideas to decorate your room in order to get a perfect room. The best decoration for turquoise wall is by putting some beach elements in your room.

Turquoise Wall PaintTurquoise Wall Paint

Step by Step of Decorating a Room with Turquoise Wall Paint

Below are the steps to decorate a room with turquoise painted wall.

Living Room in Turquoise Wall PaintLiving Room in Turquoise Wall Paint

Furnish the space with wicker, rattan, white or worn pieces. In a living room, a rattan sofa topped with white brushed cotton cushions and a glass-topped wicker table is ideal. A whitewashed headboard and matching dressers are well-suited for a bedroom. Bring a glass-topped wicker table and chairs with mismatched worn pastel colors into a dining room.

Turquoise Painted Wall in BedroomTurquoise Painted Wall in Bedroom

Install louvered shutters into the room. Hang shutters over the windows and doorways. White, light or dark wood shutters will work with this design. Consider featuring a shutter on a flat wall as a unique piece of art work.

Incorporate casual, light and airy textiles into the space. Cover the windows with sheer curtains or drapes made of sailcloth. Make a bed with a white or brightly colored comforter. Drape a woven throw blanket along the back of a sofa.

Turquoise Painted Wall in BathroomTurquoise Painted Wall in Bathroom

Include coastal designs into the space. Feature a picture of the ocean or beach in a whitewashed frame on a wall. Display throw pillows that feature images of shells on a bed or sofa. Cover the floor with an area rug that features images of palm leaves.

Kitchen with Turquoise WallKitchen with Turquoise Wall

Feature items from the beach. Fill glass bowls and vases with sand, shells and beach glass and set them on countertops, tabletops and wall shelves. Set starfish on ledges and against the wall on top of a mantel. Use pieces of driftwood as decorative sculptures. Line the bottom of a serving platter with sand, place shells and a pillar candle on top of it and use it as a centerpiece. Display statues of lighthouses throughout the space.

Place plant life in the room. Fill rattan basket with bamboo, banana leaf plants and ornamental grasses and arrange them on the floor in a corner of the room.

Dining Room with Turquoise Painted WallDining Room with Turquoise Painted Wall

Turquoise evokes the sense of being surrounded by tranquil Caribbean waters and warm ocean breezes. This color brings a sense of calm to a space, creating a restful atmosphere. Whether a living room, bedroom or dining room, decorate a space that has turquoise wall paint with beach-related elements will create a welcoming and serene location where you can relax, unwind and feel as if you’re near the water’s edge, even if your miles away.