Decorate Your Living Room Minimalist Style

A minimalist living room has an overall look that’s understated, serene and free of clutter. However, before you starting all the steps of decorating your living room in minimalist style, here you can get information about the basic ideas of living room minimalist.

Living Room Minimalist Design IdeasLiving Room Minimalist Design Ideas

Color – View color as your primary decorative element in a minimalist living room. Limit yourself to one primary color and an accent shade or two monochromatic colors and an accent shade. For instance, medium gray and dove gray create a monochromatic palette that can be punctuated by the addition of black, white or red accents. The less colors you introduce into the room, the more serene the space will feel. If your furniture is white, choose creamy white for the walls. If your furniture is brown, try tan on the walls. Nothing about a minimalist room should be visually jarring but rather should work together in a harmonious way.

Living Room Minimalist DesignLiving Room Minimalist Design

Furniture – Furniture should be limited to pieces you will actually use, and nothing should be frilly or ornate. Simple, clean-cut furniture made of natural materials will fit the space best. Essential pieces of furniture in a living room might include a couch, love seat or chair, coffee table and simple, unadorned entertainment stand. You can even edit those items down to a couch and coffee table. In a bedroom, you need nothing more than a bed and chest-of-drawers. A small shelf on the wall near the bed can hold your alarm clock.

Living Room Minimalist Ideas With Beautiful ColorsLiving Room Minimalist Ideas With Beautiful Colors

Surface Space – A hallmark of a minimalist living room is that all flat surfaces are clean except for one or two items. No knickknacks, stacks of paper, unread books or children’s homework spoil the clean look.

Function – To have a truly minimalist living room, you must be able and willing to edit any nonessential items out of the living room. If you look at something and realize that it has no real use, get it out. After you’ve stripped a room down to its essentials, you can add a few choice items back in.

Minimalist Living Room DesignMinimalist Living Room Design

Accessories – “Quality over quantity,” is the prime decorating rule in a minimalist living room. One stunning piece of art or fine mirror on the wall, a single vase of flowers on the table and one family photo on the desk will all make a greater decorative impact because they’re not surrounded by other distracting items.

Minimalist Living Room Interior DesignMinimalist Living Room Interior Design

Below are some steps to strive for decorating your living room minimalist. You will get surprised with the amazing result after you combine the steps below with the basic ideas you have known above; your living room will look great in minimalist style.

  • Choose furnishings that are simple in construction, ornamentation and look. Use only pieces that you really need in the room – footstools, occasional tables, plant stands and spare chairs can be left out.
  • Go with a sofa and easy chairs that are plain – a rectangular transitional style or a simple Chippendale (curved backs with straight legs). Skip the toss pillows or use just a couple of unembellished ones – forget the fringe, lace and flounces.
  • Keep the coffee and end tables understated, too. Consider Parsons styles; simple cubes of wood, laminate and clear acrylic; or glass- and stone-topped metal tables.
  • Be sparing with the floor coverings and wall treatments. A simple area rug such as sisal or a Berber style over a hard-surface floor is fine (but don’t layer over wall-to-wall carpet).
  • Keep the walls one color – a soothing neutral is popular for the minimalist look.
  • Choose lamps and shades that are of simple design (nix the Tiffany styles and faceted crystal). Lamp bases of plain ceramic or wrought iron, and contemporary, spare brass designs tend to work well.
  • Add ambient lighting from recessed fixtures such as cans, and indirect lighting. You won’t see ornate chandeliers and fussy shades over faux-candle lights in minimalism.
  • Hang the windows simply or leave them bare. Tab-top curtains on a simple wrought-iron rod, plantation shutters or 2-inch-wide wood blinds, and Roman shades are all options.
Minimalist Living Room StyleMinimalist Living Room Style

In reaction to increasingly stressful lives, the minimalist style of decor has taken hold. A living room minimalist creates a less stressful environment by limiting visual distractions, is calming and, ultimately, more appealing to homeowners looking for a low-stress living environment.