Decor For Modern Garden Ideas

Creating modern garden ideas can include how you divide up the space as well as materials and accessories used. It also should be a place that you feel relaxed and comfortable in while still enjoying the nature surrounding you. Minimalist areas, metal materials and straight lines or square shapes are one way to go. Another modern look uses natural materials and environmentally-friendly ideas to create a green space you and the planet can enjoy.

garden design with modern round fountain

Garden Design with Modern Round Fountain

Below are some decor items that you may consider for designing modern garden ideas:

Lighting – Add some flair to your garden with lighting. Spotlights or small lanterns can illuminate your garden area in the evening and extend your viewing or relaxing time. Position the light fixtures so that during the day they are not obvious and blend in. You can also get solar lights that charge during the day and don’t need batteries or electrical cords. Highlight a particularly interesting tree or garden accent, such as a fountain.

statue for modern garden

Statue for Modern Garden

Modern Fountain – A fountain doesn’t have to contain a stone cherub. Modern fountains can be made from various materials such as iron, other metals, wood or recycled items. Choose one that fits into the theme of your garden and that also will blend well with the materials you’ve used such as gravel, wood or metals. Think about the noise that the fountain will make versus the size of your garden.

ideas for Modern garden design

Ideas for Modern Garden Design

Gazing Ball – A mirrored or colored gazing ball can be an attractive reflective ornament in your garden. Place it in the center of a colorful area to reflect back all of the flowers. A pedestal that fits into your garden will hold your gazing ball.

Seating – To enjoy your garden you will need some seating arranged to view the best spots. Temporary chairs can work, such as metal cafe furniture or deluxe lounging furniture. Another modern idea is to add metal or wooden benches as part of the landscape. Angular metal furniture can present a modern look to your garden. As well, reclaimed wood or logs can be used to create a green bench that will be a reminder of your commitment to the environment.

small garden in modern way

Small Garden in Modern Way

Modern garden ideas also present patio furniture, sculpture and other design elements as a tribute to the natural surroundings. Select furniture in a simple design and avoid using anything that is gaudy or has too intricate a design on the fabric. Some patio furniture is made from some of the plants in the yard, such as bamboo. Not only is using sustainable material a nod to the environment, it will greatly complement the plants in the yard. Choose sculpture in geometric shapes. Refrain from using a variety of art works that do not in some way correspond with each other.