Deck Design Ideas: The Tips And Pictures

Deck is the main place to rest in summer. It will be nice if we have a beautiful deck to spend our summer time. Having an extraordinary deck does not mean you have to spend a lot of money; you only need a little time to arrange the deck for welcoming summer. However, if you have much more money, you definitely can get better view of your deck. Designing a beautiful and comfort deck is very easy, here you can see some tips and deck design ideas.

Deck Design Ideas – The Tips

Decorating Accessories – Any interior will look fresh and renewed after adding small cute items from the nearby interior store. They shouldn’t be glamorous or cost millions of dollars. Exterior design is usually very easy for decorating. Your imagination and experiments can start from this place and you’ll hit the target.

Folding chairs / Beach chairs – It is such a fabulous idea to rest on the chair, read a book or just listen to the nature/music. Make the deck comfortable for your weekend or any time you would like to lay and dream.

Deck and Sitting AreaDeck and Sitting Area

Another option, you can give your guests a selection of spots to sit and relax by providing built-in seating. Plus, the more seating your deck offers, the less furniture you have to purchase. Keep in mind that if you live in a hot, sunny climate, shades from large trees or buildings can make your deck even more welcoming.

Outdoor Trees – If you don’t have the garden the outdoor tree in the pot is such a great idea. It can even be the indoor plant that can be moved and placed near your chair to make a shadow.

Outdoor Umbrellas – If you want to have a shadow, but don’t want to waste your time for planting, add the umbrella to your exterior. It can be the same color as your furniture or harmonize with the house paint. Anyway, it is your choice and all things that you like would be perfect.

Deck with CoverDeck with Cover

Cover your deck with a roof made from Plexiglas, fiberglass, or similar material, and you’ll never worry about being rained out. Choose a clear material to let the sun shine through on bright days, or if you’re in a hot climate, try a translucent material to create shade.

Deck lightning – Lightning influences us so much. If your deck has soft light, it will have intimate atmosphere. If you like to have a cup of tea before the sleep and organize your next day, you can turn on the brighter lightning. Think about lamps or candles. What would better suit your needs?

Lighting of DeckLighting of Deck

Outdoor furniture – The furniture for the outdoor fun can be bought with the discount and no one will notice the difference in quality.

Small plants -You have two options about outdoor gardening. Option A – buy the trees and option B – buy small plants. For those who want to have a deck look like a place from the old movies, you can choose small plants. Several pot flowers standing on the ground will impressively change the mood.

Deck and PlantsDeck and Plants

Soften your space with beautiful blooms and lush greenery from container gardens. It’s easy to tuck a few containers here and there — and if you use a drip-irrigation system, they’ll practically take care of themselves.  You may not be limited to growing annuals. Perennials and shrubs survive outdoors in containers if the container is large enough, which may be 4- to 5-feet wide in northern climates.

Pictures of Deck Design Ideas

Instead of developing your deck with the tips above, you can also develop your ideas through these pictures below. You will get fascinating ideas that may bring you in a new bright view of your dream deck.

Deck in a SlopeDeck in a Slope

Deck in a Slope – If you live in a slope, you can turn a troublesome slope into an opportunity to showcase your deck. Here, for example, the deck was carved into the hillside and surrounded by a retaining wall. On top of creating a dramatic presentation, you’ll add usable space to your yard.

Hanging DeckHanging Deck

A Hanging Deck – Here’s another example of a deck that conquers a slope. While most of us don’t have hillsides this extreme, you can apply the same idea in a smaller space. Simply floating your deck 2 or 3 feet off the ground on one side can make it a showpiece.

Deck with PoolDeck with Pool

Deck with Pool – Make your deck feels more upscale by adding a pool or hot tub. Bump up the drama by adding a vertical-edge pool, such as the one shown here, where it looks like it drops off into space. However, don’t forget to check local codes if your deck or pool require a railing or fence for safety.

Garden DeckGarden Deck

Garden Deck – Enjoy a peaceful getaway by tucking your deck in a secluded corner of your yard. After all, there’s no rule that says your deck has to be attached to your house. Place your deck in a private spot to make it more of a sanctuary. Flowering vines, such as wisteria, can help create intimacy, as can a simple pergola.

Like a Cake DeckLike a Cake Deck

Like a Cake Deck – You can add interest to your deck by creating different levels. To enhance the effect and eliminate tripping hazards, add outdoor lighting to each level. However, you don’t need a deck this tall to create drama, even a foot or two of height difference from a built-in planter or two can bring your deck from everyday to exciting.

Playful Deck IdeaPlayful Deck Idea

Playful Deck Idea – It will be nice if you can add character to your outdoor spaces by creating different designs in the decking. There’s no rule that says all of the boards have to run the same direction or be made from the same material. Highlight an area with a different pattern or color.

Now, it is your time to decide how your deck will turn into. Hopefully these deck design ideas can help you to get your dream deck.  Happy designing!