Building A Small Garden Shed

Maintaining a large garden often requires a fair share of garden tools. Finding space to store your tools can become an issue. A small garden shed provides a storage space as well as a small work space. Consider putting in a small woodworking station with a rack for all of your tools, or a small area for arts projects such as painting or crafts. The use of the shed determines how it is built.

American Taste Garden ShedAmerican Taste Garden Shed

Materials and Steps of Building a Small Garden Shed

Before starting the project, you should prepare all these materials such as: measuring tape, shovel, gravel, tamper, cinder blocks, level, 2 x 6 lumber, circular saw, 15d galvanized nails, pencil, 3/4 inch plywood, 8d galvanized nails, plywood, and pre-fabricated roof.

After all the materials are ready, now you can begin your project. Use a measuring tape to mark out the area where you will build your shed. Dig holes in the corners each 6 inches deep. Use a level at the bottom of the holes to ensure they are flat.

Beautiful Small Garden ShedBeautiful Small Garden Shed

Then, fill each corner hole with 4 inches of coarse gravel. Compress the stone with a tamper. Stack cinder blocks in the holes to the desired height, usually two cinder blocks high. Place construction adhesive between the blocks. Fill the holes around the cinder blocks with landscape fabric and 2 inches of gravel.

Colorful Garden Shed with BenchColorful Garden Shed with Bench

Cut 2 x 6 lumber so that each piece lies flush with the outer edges of the cinder blocks. Lay them flat. Cut another four pieces to act as band joists and rest them on their side. Attach them with 16d galvanized nails. After that, mark the first interior floor joist with a pencil 15 1/4 inches from the outside edge of the first band joist. Make a mark for the other joists every 16 inches. Measure the length and cut lumber pieces to act as the floor joists.

Small Garden ShedSmall Garden Shed

Place 3/4 inch tongue-and-groove plywood on the floor joists and nail the plywood in using 8d galvanized nails. Then, cut the wall plates for the length and height of the shed. Mark out the studs so that they are spaced with 16-inch centers, the first stud beginning 15 1/14 inches from the end. Nail the wall together. Do the same for the width.

Small Storage Shed for GardenSmall Storage Shed for Garden

Add a door into one wall by marking out the size of the door on the plate. Build a door header with a 2 x 6 with 2 1/2 inch spacers sandwiched around it. The header should be the size of the rough opening plus 3 inches for the jack studs. Cut the two studs to the height of the rough opening and secure them to the wall plate. Attach plywood sheets to the wall pieces with 8d nails. Raise the walls and nail them into place. Raise your prefabricated roof onto the top of the shed. Pre-fabricated roofs are available from most hardware stores or shed providers, and they can be cut to the size of your shed plans. This ensures a good build and no leaks. Attach the roof according to the instructions provided.

Building a small garden shed takes some pre-planning. Check your local building codes to see if a building permit is required. Garden sheds can be built on a wood subfloor or concrete foundation and are easy to build and very affordable.