Black And White Striped Bedroom: Zebra Print Idea

Black and white striped bedroom can give a bold, wild look to your private space. One of black and white striped print ideas is using zebra print. The black and white print goes with almost any color, so you can use zebra stripes as an accent or as the primary look for your room.

zebra print bedroom ideas

Zebra Print Bedroom Ideas

Zebra Print for Black and White Striped Bedroom

Zebra Habitat – Take your cue from the zebra’s natural habitat, and balance the bold black and white stripes with the more neutral earth tones found in the grasslands and savannahs that are home to your equip inspiration. Cover your bed in zebra print sheets and a matching valance and pillow shams, and top off the look with a warm, sunny yellow or grass green comforter. Paint the walls a mellow sage green or sandy brown and choose white window treatments, but add zebra print curtain tieback ribbons for flair. If that habitat doesn’t have enough zebra in it for you, paint the closet door in zebra stripes, and add splashes of shiny black in your furnishings with lamps, nightstands, a bureau and a bed frame in shiny black. Top the black furnishings with zebra print fabric runners, and choose throw pillows and small trinkets that match your comforter color to tie it all together.

great zebra print bedroom ideas

great zebra print bedroom ideas

Dashing Red – Nothing sets off the boldness of red quite like black and white, so begin by painting an accent wall with zebra stripes, and surrounding it with deep, rich red walls around the rest of the room. Keep the ceiling white to add a clean, bright feel to the space, or paint it red as well for a cozy, closed-in feel. Paint the inside of the door zebra-striped as well, but substitute red for the white part of the zebra pattern, and do the same with the closet door. Choose a zebra print comforter with red, black or white, and add one or two bedside zebra print rugs to the floor. Choose white or black furniture and furnishings, and add twisted red and zebra print or red, black and white ribbons to drawer pulls and bed posts to tie the look together. Hang a decorative black or metal hook on one of the red walls, and use the space to show off your zebra-print bathrobe, pajamas or other fashions.

Gray scale Chic – You don’t have to go with bold stripes everywhere to have zebra-inspired in a black and white striped bedroom. Paint the upper portion of each wall a neutral, warm grey in a medium shade, and paint the ceiling and lower portions of the walls a grey just a few shades lighter. Add a white trim transition between the colors and white crown molding. Choose wood bedroom furniture in a cherry, natural or walnut finish, and combine it with bright white bedding and a few black or grey accents, all solid colors. Once this neutral base is set, add your zebra flair with throw pillows scattered on the bed and zebra-stripe paint on the door and closet trim while keeping the doors themselves bright white. Wrap zebra-print fabric around picture frames, and hang them on the upper portions of the walls Add zebra fabric runners on your nightstands and bureau, and let them hang off the footboard of your bed. Pile up a cozy reading corner with black, white and zebra-print pillows in one corner of the room. If that’s not enough zebra for you, paint stripes on the lower portion of the walls, beneath the trim, using the grey background instead of white to offset your zebra stripes.

zebra print bedroom ideas elegant

zebra print bedroom ideas elegant

Since bedrooms are a place where you can relax, try not to include too many different zebra print items as the variety of stripe patterns and sizes might prove energizing rather than restful because It will make your black and white striped bedroom look too crowded and cramped.

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