Bedroom Designs For Teenage Girls

As you grow up, so does your choice and taste differ. Commencing your childhood, the designs of your bedroom witness varied changes from toys to dolls, kiddie elements to portraits, vanities and so on. A teenager’s taste of a bedroom design is different from other designs. If you’re a teenager, convert your childish and dingy looking room into a sophisticated, trendy bedroom designs for teenage girls with flashy colors and embellishments. Here are a few tips which can help you create a new avatar of your bedroom.

Bedroom Design for Teenage GirlsBedroom Design for Teenage Girls

Tips for Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girls

Thematic bedroom: It is always important that you have a theme while designing your bedroom. The theme can be chosen from innumerable varieties ranging from flowers to fashion, hobbies, sports, cars, shapes, celebrities, food, entertainment or a traditional theme. There are few things which are extremely important in a teenage girl’s bedroom. You need to choose your theme depending on the necessary objects which can go along with the theme.

Bohemian Teenage Girl's Bedroom

Bohemian Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Color of the bedroom: Ensure that you choose your favorite and bright color which can make you feel good every time you enter your bedroom. If you’re a person with a sober nature go in for colors which can soothe your mind and make you feel comfortable rather than giving you a headache. The walls of your bedroom can be designed in with stripes, checks or murals. Apart from just coloring your bedroom, you can also install wall papers in your bedroom.

Mix and Match: Making your bedroom an appealing one by mixing and matching is one of the best ideas to create a trendy bedroom. Ensure that the furniture, upholstery and other fabrics in your bedroom are matching. Colors with similar shades like red and pink or green and blue can add up to the cheerful environment.

Elegant Girl's Room

Elegant Girl’s Room

Closets: Closets come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Pick one which matches your bedroom decor and color. Ensure all your attires are neatly arranged in your closet rather than being scattered on the floor or hung on walls.

Floors and carpets: You can opt for various types of floors ranging from vinyl to bamboo or timber. Bright or matching floors can be opted for your bedroom to create an elegant look. Apart from flooring, carpets are the best mediums to conceal dull looking floors. There are innumerable bright colored and trendy carpets which are also thematic. Such carpets can be used in your bedroom to give it an elegant look. For affordable flooring you can go in for a laminated one.

Luxurious Girl's Bedroom with Dalmatian Theme

Luxurious Girl’s Bedroom with Dalmatian Theme

Bed varieties: You can opt a bed which best suits you or matches with your bedroom decor and color. Ensure that the bed which you choose has to be of your choice and comfort. Beds come in different shapes and sizes with varied designs. You can also get your bed customized as per your desires.

Matching fabrics: Make sure that all the bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains and others are matching with each other. Choose colors which can match your room color and the pillows can be fluffy and more than two. Pillow covers and the bed sheets can have designs matching your bedroom walls and carpets.

Minimalist Red Teenage Room

Minimalist Red Teenage Room

Storage: Get an elegant dresser or storage cupboards. Having ample number of storage materials will let you store all your necessities inside them by making your bedroom look neat and clean. You can arrange all your stuff inside dressers, drawers, baskets and others rather than keeping them scattered in your bedroom. Make sure that these storage equipment matches with your bedroom color.

Furniture: Always make sure that you have very less amount of furniture placed in your bedroom. Keep only the required necessary items like a study table, a stylish chair, vanity dresser and few stools/chairs. Make sure you do not make the place feel stuffed with ample amount of furniture. Keep ample amount of furniture only if you have a spacious bedroom. Do not forget to keep a large mirror which is very important.

Modern Blue Girl Bedroom

Modern Blue Girl Bedroom

Lighting: Bright lighting is very important in order to give your bedroom a dramatic look. You can also opt for colored LED lights or strips in pink or red to give a funky look in your bedroom. Lighting in your bedroom can also be decorated with various lighting accessories like paper bulbs, chandeliers and others. Go in for fairy lights, which can be draped all around your mirror and other cupboards.

Purple Bedroom

Purple Bedroom

Gadgets and personalization: Every teen is fond of music and entertainment, which makes it important that an apt music system and a small television should be placed in the bedroom. You can also have a separate rack/cupboard to arrange your music audio and video collections. You can also mount walls with your favorite pop star’s pictures or any other customized portrait.

Funky and trendy shoeboxes: Girls have innumerable pair of shoes, sandals and other footwear. You can buy funky shoe boxes or shoe stands from the market and neatly arrange all your footwear in it. Also you can create your own shoe boxes by designing spare boxes and keeping them neatly in a place from which they are not seen. Keep all the daily wear and the occasional wear footwear separately in order to avoid messing it up.

Teenage Girl Bedroom for Two

Teenage Girl Bedroom for Two

Bedroom designs for teenage girls generally differ from those of boys. But while decorating a teenage girl’s room you should remember to make it look like a princess abode, and remember that a teenage girl’s room is her castle.