Beautiful Garden Pictures: Inspiration For Your New Garden

Garden can be functional both if it is big or small. It is not only a place that can beautify your house’s appearance, but also it is a perfect place to retreat and meditate. By having a garden in your house, you can get a fresh air that helps you to release your stress and increase your life spirit. Below you will see some beautiful garden pictures that can inspire you to build a beautiful garden in your house.

List of Beautiful Garden Pictures

Beautiful Dead TreeBeautiful Dead Tree

Beautiful Dead Tree – A dead tree might seem like an eyesore, but someone in Wisconsin turned it into a piece of garden art with a coat of purple paint and some fun decorations. The tree continues to provide a habitat for birds — and even looks good in winter.

Continental Garden Dining AreaContinental Garden Dining Area

Continental Garden Dining Area – A cantilever parasol provides shade without detracting from the table setting, while white wirework furniture lends a crisp, modern feel.

Enhance a FenceEnhance a Fence

Enhance a Fence – Fences are often the least expensive and fastest way to create privacy. But they’re not always pretty, unless you dress them up with plantings.

Enjoy Fresh FlowerEnjoy Fresh Flower

Enjoy Fresh Flowers – The Fosters have an average-size yard, but they’ve made the most of it. Off the side of their garage they added a cutting garden filled with lilies, phlox, iris, and other favorites. They don’t have too many of any one plant and the variety gives them fresh-cut blooms from spring to fall.  As you’ll see in several upcoming pictures, the Fosters helped their landscape feel large by creating curves and other tricks to help keep you from seeing the entire garden at one time.

Pretty Garden ArchwayPretty Garden Archway

Pretty Garden Archway – A pretty trellis has been covered with climbers to create privacy on this urban roof terrace, while an abundance of potted plants disguises the ugly concrete ground.

Go Bold with ColorGo Bold with Color

Go Bold with Color – Don’t be afraid of color, make strong reds sing against a background of green. The black arbor creates a distinctive focal point.

Make the Most of SpaceMake the Most of Space

Make the Most of Your Space – This lovely front yard garden in New York is a great example of how to make the most of a small space. The colorful plantings add color and character all year.

Modern Garden with PoolModern Garden with Pool

Modern Garden Swimming Pool – This garden and pool area has a canopied dining terrace at one end, complete with Turkish oven and outdoor fireplace for when the sun goes down.

Pot up in StylePot up in Style

Pot Up in Style – Make a statement with your potting bench. This bench is shielded from the sun by a pergola, which is decorated with hanging baskets. The paved surface makes for easy cleanup. Plus, when you’re not using it, the potting bench is a convenient spot to display some of your favorite plants.

Simple Asian GardenSimple Asian Garden

Keep It Simple – Create a soothing, peaceful garden retreat with Asian-style design. Asia garden looks like the perfect place to meditate.

Spot to SitSpot to Sit

Leave a Spot to Sit – The Fosters created lots of spots to enjoy their hard work. This bench looks out over their cutting garden, but feels secluded thanks to the granite wall behind the bench. The seating area feels extra special because it’s framed by a wrought-iron arbor. Watch for ways to frame different elements of your yard to create works of art.

Zingy Colourful GardenZingy Colourful Garden

Zingy Colorful Garden – Bold colors add zing to this modern garden area, but the edited palette of sophisticated, nature-inspired shades keeps the scheme looking smart.

Hopefully those beautiful garden pictures can help you to get a breakthrough idea of creating a wonderful garden.