Bar Counter Design Ideas

Many homes today have a bar counter, also called a wet bar. This feature is popular in game rooms as well as dens for entertaining guests. The bar counter provides a cozy place for guests to sit and enjoy a drink while chatting with their host. It can often become the center of social activity, so these are bar counter design ideas for helping you to design your own bar at home.

Aesthetic Pleasing Glass Bar Counter DesignAesthetic Pleasing Glass Bar Counter Design

The Ideas for Bar Counter Design

Related to the functionality and installation, you should consider these bar counter design ideas:

Bar Counter Deck DesignBar Counter Deck Design

Counter Shape Ideas – Typically, a bar counter is straight and short. It is often nestled in the corner of a room, with space along one side for slipping in back. The front of the counter is framed, often with an opening archway. However, your counter does not need to fit this design. Make your bar counter L-shaped for more seating space, or consider a dramatic, curved bar counter that bows out into the entertainment room. It can be completely open above, creating a more spacious atmosphere. Use granite to give your bar counters a more expensive look.

Coffee Bar Counter DesignCoffee Bar Counter Design

Counter Workspace Ideas – Consider the structure of your workspace when installing your bar counter. Bar counters typically contain a stainless steel sink, cabinets and a small refrigerator. You can install cabinets in several places besides just below the counter. Attach a row of cabinets along the back wall or on the back side of the archway over the counter. Add a second counter along the back wall to provide additional workspace and a place to display a decanter set.

Double V Bar Counter DesignDouble V Bar Counter Design

Counter Appearance Ideas – For more of a pub appearance, hang your wine glasses from the ceiling using racks. Built-in wine racks are a decorative and luxurious addition to any bar counter. Wine racks fit nicely along the back wall and look good over a second counter. Use a dark stain for a classy appearance. Custom builders can create a cabinet and wine rack topper over any counter.

The Best Material for Bar Counter Design

A good place and installation will be nothing if your bar counter doesn’t have qualified materials. Choose a counter material that’s easy to clean and maintain but that creates a visual centerpiece for this spirited area. Below are some lists of bar counter design material that can be your optional choice.

Elegant Bar Counter DesignElegant Bar Counter Design

Resin-Finish Novelty – Bar counter designs typically have more of a novelty element to them than a kitchen counter. Take advantage of this by adding some whimsy to your design. Look for something you’d like to create an eye-catching pattern and texture with. You can lay pennies on the countertop, vintage postcards or magazine pages, pressed flowers, candy wrappers or even tree branches, for a bit of nature in your bar area. Chosen items are collected until you have enough to cover the entire bar area. When you do, you glue them down to the countertop side by side. Some items, like pennies, will still show bits of counter, so consider painting it a desirable color if this is the case. A resin and marine-grade polyurethane (2-parts resin, one part polyurethane) mixture is carefully poured over the top to encase your items and give the bar a glossy finish.

Modern Design Bar CounterModern Design Bar Counter

Marble – For a vintage and distinct-looking bar counter, use Italian marble. It adds an element of classic elegance and can lighten up walls or a bar face with darker finishes. It also makes for simple cleanup, and you always have an area to slice a lime on. Pair it with industrial steel barstools to give this neutral design a burst of bright color.

Stainless Steel – This material is preferable for some of the same reasons as the marble. It provides a clean, smooth surface. You can clean it easily and thoroughly. Use it to bring a clean, sleek look to bars with natural wood faces or in a room with bamboo or other light wood used in the molding, floor or ceilings. You can repeat the stainless steel behind the back counter to lighten the room even more.

Unique Futuristic Modern Bar CounterUnique Futuristic Modern Bar Counter

Soapstone – If you want something that looks elegant but that you can easily maintain, look for soapstone. It only needs a wipe with mineral oil once a month, and you can get rid of those “counter casualties” by sanding down deep scratches, keeping your counter brilliant for longer. Accent a dark hue with bold-colored or antique-white cabinets.

Wooden Bar CounterWooden Bar Counter

In conclusion, choosing a bar counter design you should consider three main points: convenience, functionality and aesthetics. If you can complete those main points, your bar counter can be a focal point for your house.