Backyard Deck Ideas

Summertime is the time to build the perfect backyard deck so you can fully enjoy your backyard and so you can sit and relax with family, friends and neighbors during a party or barbecue. Backyard deck ideas are endless, which will allow you to create the perfect space for your family.

Inspiring Pictures of Backyard Deck Ideas

Picture One: Party on the deck

Party on the DeckParty on the Deck

A good deck can capture a view, create a comfortable outdoor room, and add a feeling of spaciousness to your home by blurring the boundaries between inside and out. This partly sheltered deck serves as an indoor-outdoor space connecting a family room with a patio. Classically simple, it is a great transitional element for nearly any style of house. You can even build it yourself.

Picture Two: Taming a slope

Taming a SlopeTaming a Slope

A deck at the top of this sloping backyard transformed the space into an inviting destination for taking in the view. The rear edge of the 15- by 24-foot deck notches into the hill. A low retaining wall holds the uphill section in place and doubles as another bench seat.

Picture Three: Room with a view

Room with a ViewRoom with a View

A deck off this cabin near Twisp, Wash. adds yet another room to a small home filled with creative living spaces. Concrete steps off the deck extend the house further, leading to another hang-out space on the granite rocks below.

Picture Four: Small-budget deck

Small Budget DeckSmall Budget Deck

This 9- by 25-foot deck covered with multicolored slate tiles provides the perfect place for quiet and relaxation. Handsome stone pavers ― a product called Stone Deck ― make it feel like a terrace on the ground. These tiles rest on the same kind of framework a wooden deck does. The broad wooden steps are made of ipe, a rich, red-colored Brazilian hardwood.

Picture Five: Build a Screen

Build a Private ScreenBuild a Private Screen

While an outdoor fireplace is this deck’s focal point, it’s the simple privacy screen that makes the biggest difference. Even though the screen doesn’t completely block the view, it provides enough protection to make the deck more enjoyable.

Picture Six: Create an outdoor bar

A Deck with Outdoor BarA Deck with Outdoor Bar

Outdoor chefs need a place to put their tools, and bartenders must have a bar. The concrete side table beneath the pergola provides room for both while also functioning as a serving counter or buffet table. Two square cabinets on casters, tucked underneath provide storage. They can also be rolled into action as serving tables or additional seating.

Picture Seven: Create a Canopy

A Deck with CanopyA Deck with Canopy

A traditional awning offers protection from the blazing summer sun — as well as from the neighbors’ second-floor windows. Awnings come in a range of styles and options, including retractable types that you can use whenever you want.

Picture Eight: Split the View

Split the ViewSplit the View

If blocking the view of your entire deck isn’t possible, then work on a section of it. Here, a beautiful Hinoki cypress creates a beautiful focal point that draws your eye away from the more-visible deck areas behind it.

It’s time to dust off your inspiration cap and take a look at some of the most fabulous, functional backyard deck ideas you’ve ever seen. If you’re building a new deck but unsure how much it might cost, you should have practical advice on budgeting and calculating joist spans. Plus, get a checklist of what you need to know before you buy a single piece of lumber.