Backyard Deck Designs: Building A Cozy Gathering Place

Whether your backyard is large or small, adding a deck to it can jazz up the exterior of your home and increase your home’s value. You can add a deck almost anywhere outdoors, so whether you need a relaxing spot far from home or a spot to grill, adding a deck can solve the problem. Backyard deck designs ideas are endless, which will allow you to create the perfect space for your family.

Backyard Deck Design IdeasBackyard Deck Design Ideas

Types of Backyard Deck Designs

Below are some designs of backyard deck, you can choose one type that suits your needs and wills. Each type has their own positive and negative sides, however all of the types can bring a wonderful excitement for you and family to enjoy a fresh air in togetherness.

The first type is floating deck. A floating deck is a great idea if you rent or are intending to add onto your home. A floating deck is usually less expensive to make than a regular deck because a floating deck is low to the ground and does not need to have rails or posts. If you already have a patio or deck right off the back of your house, you can add a floating deck further out in your yard. This will allow you to have additional space for seating and entertainment if you have a lot of visitors and guests.

Backyard Deck DesignBackyard Deck Design

Layered deck is another design you can choose. A layered or two-tier deck works exceptionally well if you have a two-story home. You can put the deck right off one of your upstairs bedrooms, so you can have a beautiful balcony from which to drink your morning coffee. You can build steps going down from the upstairs deck to the bottom deck. This way you can enjoy two different decks that can serve two different functions. For example, the bedroom deck can be for your private use and the other deck can be used for guests.

Backyard Deck with Mini Pool DesignBackyard Deck with Mini Pool Design

The last backyard deck design you can choose is circular deck. Many homeowners have a traditional square or rectangular deck. You can be creative and design a circular deck. A circular floating deck can be built out in the center of your yard where you can add seating or even a gazebo and every part of the yard can be enjoyed and visible from the center deck. If you do not want a perfect circle, you can design a curved deck for a more eclectic look.

Tips of Choosing Backyard Deck Designs

Designs of backyard deck can be so various; however you must consider these following tips to create a wonderful backyard deck. Make your deck not only as a refreshing place, but also a unique place.

Cozy Wooden Backyard DeckCozy Wooden Backyard Deck

Keep It Simple – If your yard is small or you’re just trying to create a basic outdoor space, keep it simple and build a basic deck, such as a raised or platform deck. Raised decks are typically many feet off the ground, commonly found on split-level homes, and often constructed as a walkout area directly from a home where the door is not at ground level. Raised decks typically feature at least one flight of stairs from the ground to the deck, but platform decks are typically low to the ground, with no need for stairs, and often created as detached decks, placed elsewhere in the yard.

Multi Level Backyard DeckMulti Level Backyard Deck

Mix It Up – If a straight, simple deck isn’t what you want, create a deck that goes a few feet out from your home, and then steps down onto your patio. Decks that meet another material, such as brick, are called transitional decks; if this type of deck isn’t for you but you want something a little different, add depth to your deck by designing one with multiple levels. Make your levels as big as your area permits, and create as many levels as you like, though most multiple-level decks have less than four levels.

Add On – If your deck design is looking too basic, add on to it. Add extra stairs, or create an outdoor eating space or kitchen. Install built-in planters to match your deck, make a built-in bench for seating, or add rails for decoration and safety.

Small Backyard DeckSmall Backyard Deck

Be Different – If the usual square or rectangular deck doesn’t suit your style, create a more unusual-shaped deck. For example, build a circular deck in the middle of your patio or lawn, or create meandering deck pathways from one platform or raised deck to another. Want a triangular deck? Try it.

Selecting the best backyard deck designs is challenging, the most important thing to remember is you must build a deck that is comfortable for you to spend your days. A great design will be nothing if you can’t enjoy the place.