Antique Lace Designs

Antique lace designs are having many details that show that the lace designs are exclusive and also meaningful. The laces designs are have perfect details that have made by hand that are very accurate and precise. It is not like modern lace designs that made from the factory instantly.

Antique lace

The most common antique lace design that we could find in old houses are the animals detail lace. Animal pattern is having unique appearance that looks very nice and can tell us many stories. We could find this kind of lace in antique furniture and decoration stores with some effort.

Antique lace - Plants design lace

Plants antique lace pattern that this lace design has is also other common details that we could find. This pattern is usually use the leaves shapes and roots shapes that are going to make our window look awesome. It is also suitable for our natural interior design that has classic concept. You can also read about luxury house interior.

Antique lace - Simple geometric lace design

Simple geometric patterns are also become the most favorite lace details back in those days. Those geometric patterns are not too complicated, but the making process must be needed some hard efforts and a long process time. That is why this kind of antique lace detail is very famous.